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Domicilium (IOM) Ltd Certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance

19th November 2008

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In what has been an exciting year for Domicilium that started with the opening of its 21,000 square foot Datacentre at Ronaldsway, Domicilium have followed the opening of this new facility by achieving Certification to the internationally recognised Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2000. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd (LRQA) a leading international certification body, has approved Domicilium to the above standard for its entire operations. This certification confirms that the company’s Quality Management System (QMS) meets the requirements of the international standard.

“This certification highlights the fact that a vital goal has been reached in our aim to create a strong Isle of Man based company that consistently meets the needs of our customers’ expectations. One pre-condition for reaching this goal is that we maintain the same high level of quality for our total offering of products and services and not just focus on one aspect of the business. Our QMS, which has now received certification, helps secure this goal and provides us with a strong foundation on which to build our planned business objectives” says Andy Swearman, MD of Domicilium.

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