Creater: Brent Maddock, Steve Wilson (Scifi Channel)
Episodes: 13 x 50mins
Screened: 2003
Main Cast: Burt Gummer Michael Gross
Tyler Reed Victor Browne
Rosalita Sanchez Gladys Jimenez
Jodi Chang Lela Lee
Nancy Sterngood Marcia Strassman
W.D. Twitchell Dean Norris
Larry Norville J.D. Walsh
Cletus Poffenberger Christopher Lloyd

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This is the everyday tale of the tiny town of Perfection Nevada and it's eclectic Inhabitants. That is an everyday life that includes giant graboid man-eating worms, heat seeking shriekers and flying ass-blasters. Not to mention any number of monsters that has escaped from a secret underground lab.

Up against this army of monsters is the legendary survivalist gun nut Burt Gummer, and Tyler Reed who runs a graboid tour service. They are supplied by Jodi Chang the latest in her family to own Chang's store. Nancy Sterngood and Rosalita Sanchez constitute most of the rest of the town's inhabitants, who are all under the watchful eye of Government man W.D. Twitchell.

Life in Perfection may be short, but its never boring.


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Tremors is not currently available on DVD.

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