Tremors - Cast

Character: Actor: Notes:
Main Cast:
Burt Gummer Michael Gross Not in episode The Sounds of Silence
Tyler Reed Victor Browne .
Rosalita Sanchez Gladys Jimenez .
Jodi Chang Lela Lee Originally played by Susan Chuang in Tremors 3
Nancy Sterngood Marcia Strassman Originally played by Charlotte Stewart in movies
W.D. Twitchell Dean Norris Certain episode only
Recurring Characters:
Harlow Winnemuca Branscombe Richmond .
Melvin Plug Robert Jayne Character from Tremors 1 + 3
Cletus Poffenberger Christopher Lloyd .
Larry Norville J.D. Walsh .
Frank Nicholas Turturro .
Dr. Casey Matthews Sarah Rafferty .

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