Creater: Gerry Anderson (ATV)
Episodes: 32 x 50mins
Screened: 1965 - 1966 (2 seasons)
Main Cast: Jeff Tracy (voices) Peter Dyneley
Scott Tracy Shane Rimmer
Virgil Tracy David Holliday
Brians David Graham
Lady Penelope Sylvia Anderson
Parker David Graham
Tin-Tin Christine Finn

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5...4...3...2...1...Thunderbirds are go


Ex Astronaut Jeff Tracy has made a fortune from civil engineering becoming one of the richest men in the world. After witnessing a disaster that could have been prevented he decided to create an organisation that would be equipped with the latest in rescue equipment to prevent such events in the future. With the help of the maverick genius known as Brains a set of fantastically advanced vehicles were created and so International Rescue was born.

From a secret pacific island base Jeff and his sons use these vehicles whenever an emergency occurs and they are called. Scott Tracy leads the rescue effort from command ship Thunderbird 1. Virgil delivers the heavy equipment in the load carrying Thunderbird 2. John monitors all communications from orbiting space station Thunderbird 5. Alan pilots the space rocket Thunderbird 3, and Gordon completes the water based rescues in submarine Thunderbird 4.

Protecting International Rescues interests from the evil Hood, who has vowed to steal their secrets, is London agent Lady Penelope Crieiton-Ward. Equiped with her gadget filled Rolls Royce (FAB1) she and her faithful driver Parker watch International Rescue's back.


Bad Points:


DVD 9 Disc box set or 8 discs with 3 episodes each
Picture 4.3 Beautifully remastered
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 Wow, superb new soundtrack with good spatial effects
Features Text based Fact Files
Printable DVD-ROM cross-sections of the vehicles
Featurettes (Making Of, Character Studies etc.)
Original Artwork
TV ads
Memorabilia sections
Brain's Thunderbird Quiz
Excellent Animated menus
Audio Adventures
Verdict Brilliant. Fantastic picture and superb soundtrack. Tonnes of extras. If only all television series could be given this treatment.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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