Sledge Hammer

Creater: Alan Spencer
Episodes: 41 x 30mins
Screened: 1986 - 1987 (2 seasons)
Main Cast: Sledge Hammer David Rasche
Dori Doreau Anne-Marie Martin
Captain Trunk Harrison Page
Officer Majoy Leslie Morris
Norman Blates Kurt Paul
Officer Daley Patti Tippo

Episode Cast


The son of a circus sharp shooter Slegdge Hammer learnt to shoot before he could walk. Form an early age his passion for fire arms and mindless destruction meant he was suitable for only one career that of cop.

Sledge Hammer joined the force and served his time in uniform proving to be adept at catching and shooting criminals (yes he did it that way round). His clear up rate if not his disiplinary record was excellent and he was soon promoted to detective, but not before he had to bust his childhood friend and then partner for taking bribes.

His unique brand of violence and er violence has often been a problem for his superiors and none more so than his long suffering Captain. Yet armed with his dad's magumn and a healthy disregard for the rights of criminals Sledge is a cop who gots the job done (even if he has to blow up a whole neiighbourhood to do it). Recently in an attempt to rain in this loosest of cannon Captain Trunk has assigned him a partner Officer Dori Doreau, and despite the fact that she is a girl they form an effective team. So if you want a solution for a crime and you don't care much for massive colateral damage then Sledge Hammer is your man, just trust him he know's what he's doing.


Bad Points:


Trust me, I know what I'm doing.



Season one is currently avaialble in a collectors edition box set.

DVD 4 Disc box set with upto 6 episodes each
Picture 4.3 Nicely remastered
Audio Dolby Stereo Great new soundtrack with that awful laughter track removed
Features Introduction by Alan Spencer
Alan Spencer Commentary on 4 episodes
35 min retospective making of documentary
Photo Galleries
Pilot episode scripts
The unaired pilot episode
Excellent "Sledge personnel file" production notes booklet
Verdict Anchor Bay has done a brilliant job with this set from the personnel file production notes booklet to the good selection of extras this is an excellent set. Let's hope season 2 follows shortly.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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