Ripping Yarns

Creater: Michael Palin, Terry Jones (BBC)
Episodes: 9 x 30mins
Screened: 1977 - 1979 (2 seasons)
Main Cast: Various Characters Michael Palin
Tomkinson's Schooldays Terry Jones
Tomkinson's Schooldays Ian Ogilvy
Escape From Stalag Luft 112B Roy Kinnear
Across the Andes by Frog Denholm Elliot
The Curse of the Claw Aubrey Morris
Golden Gordon Gwen Taylor
Roger of the Raj John LeMesurier



Ripping Yarns is a series of nine unrelated boys own tales of daring do. Created by two fifths of the Monty Python team (Terry Jones and Michael Palin) as you might guess these tales are told with tongue firmly in cheek. For each comedic look at a heroic tale Michael Palin plays the main character, and the stories tackled are as follows:


Bad Points:


DVD 2 Discs with 3 episodes each
Picture 4.3 Poor washed out and grainy no better than VHS.
Audio 1.0 mono Not good.
Features None
Verdict Terrible discs only worth buying because the series is not often seen. This series deserves much better.

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