Red Dwarf

Creater: Rob Grant & Doug Naylor (BBC)
Episodes: 52 x 30mins
Screened: 1988 - (8 seasons)
Main Cast: Craig Charles David Lister
Arnold Rimmer Chris Barrie
Cat Danny John-Jules
Kryten Robert Llewelyn
Holly Norman Lovett / Hattie Hayridge
Kochanski Chloe Annett

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David Lister is a beer swilling, curry eating, second grade vending machine repairman onboard the spaceship Red Dwarf, and he is also the last human left alive. He was placed in stasis over three million years ago after smuggling his pet cat on board. Shortly afterwards a radiation leak killed every body on the ship. He was eventually awakened when it was safe by Holly the ship's senile computer who has a supposed IQ of 6000 (well it the real value does have a six in it).

To keep him sane Holly has bought back as a hologram Arnold Judas Rimmer Lister's supervisor and general anally retentive smeghead. They are soon joined by the self obsessed Cat who is a descendant of Lister's pet, and Kryten a robot who's idea of heaven is housework.

This hopeless bunch stumble around the universe in search of humanity or at least a curry until they finally manage to loose the Red Dwarf. on the up side they do gain an alternative universe version of Lister's ex-girlfriend Christine Kochanski, but find that the Red Dwarf has been destroyed by Kryten's renegade nanobots. Some how they get the ship rebuilt to be perfect in every detail, including a resurrected crew.

Back on the Dwarf and into hot water with Captain Holister, it's not long before they are sent to the ships penal facility. Here they are assigned to the Canaries a group that are sent on any explorational suicide missions that the Captain can think of. Will they ever get back to their own time and space, will Lister get his curry and Lager that he wants, does any body care, with a feature film pending we will see.


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Red Dwarf is not currently available on DVD. It is available on video. The videos are available in two versions, the original standard releases, and the Extended editions (with improved! effects). Both have clear sound and a good picture, but of course no extras.

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