Knight Rider

Creator: Glen A. Larson
Episodes: 84 x 50mins
Screened: 1982 - 1986 (4 seasons)
Main Cast: Michael Knight David Hasselhoff
(voice of) Kitt William Daniels
Devon Miles Edward Mulhare
Bonnie Barstow Patricia McPherson
April Curtis Rebecca Holden
Reginald Cornelius III "RC3" (Season 4) Peter Parros

Episode Cast Theme


Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless in a world of criminals who operate above the law."


When undercover cop Michael Long is betrayed and left for dead in the desert. Mysterious millionairre and philanthropist Wilton Knight finds him and saves his life. Convinced of Michael's acceptance of a very special job offer he has his plastic surgeons repair the damage to Michael's face, and also provide him with a new one. The new face resembles a young Wilton Knight but as it is a face no one else will recognize, it will serve his new identity of Michael Knight very well. His new identity is to enable him to undertake a job as a covert operative for the Knight Foundation (later to become Foundation for Law And Government, or F.L.A.G). As a former police officer, Michael's training would be invaluable for the work which the Foundation undertakes, which is essentially to bring the law to those who live above the law basically.

Unwilling at first to commit to the Foundation, Michael decides to seek retribution against the people who left him for dead in the desert. Whilst attempting to leave the Knight Foundation facility where he has been recooperating, Michael meets the ultimate tool for his quest in the shape of the Knight Industries Two Thousand or K.I.T.T for short. The remarkable vehicle is essentially a high performance sports car that has a specially molecular bonded alloy body which renders the vehicle impervious to impact, collission, bulletproof, heat, cold......well basically it's pretty much indestructable. In addition to the armoured casing, K.I.T.T is controlled by an sophisticated Artificial Intelligence whose prime directive is the preservation of human life......especially that of "his pilot"...namely Michael. Before he has chance to scoot off for revenge, Michael learns of Wilton's failing health and goes to visit him. When he gets there it is in Wilton's final minutes and after a brief chat Wilton convinces Michael to join the Foundation and continue the good work that he has begun......because Michael is one man who can make a difference. Endebted to Wilton for his life Michael agrees to pick up the torch of Wilton Knight's crusade against injustice and accepts a position within the Foundation. Overseen by Wilton's best friend and business partner Devon Miles, Michael has all of the resources of the Foundation at his disposal including a fully equipped "Semi" which acts as a roving workshop and communications centre.


Bad Points:


Michael Knight, a lone crusader in the dangerous world.......the world of the Knight Rider."

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