Blakes 7

Creater: Terry Nation (BBC)
Episodes: 52 x 50mins
Screened: 1978 - 1981 (4 seasons)
Main Cast: Roj Blake Gareth Thomas
Kerr Avon Paul Darrow
Vila Restal Michael Keating
Jenna Stannis Sally Knyvette
Cally Jan Chappell
Dayna Mellanby Josette Simon
Del Tarrant Steven Pacey
Orac / Zen / Slave (voice) Peter Tuddenham
Servalan / Sleer Jacqueline Pearce

Episode Cast Theme


After being convicted for political activism Roj Blake was brainwashed into a model citzen by the oppressive totalitarian state that is the Federation. Unfortunately he witnesses a massacre and his memory starts to return. He is catured and fearing him the Federation convict him of the made up charge of molesting children sentencing him to life on a bleak prision planet.

On his trip to the planet he befriends a number of prisioners including a cowardly thief called vila Restel, a pirate spaceship pilot Jenna Stannis, and a gentle giant Olag Gan. They encounter a derilict alien spaceship and as expendable test subjects are sent investigate it along with self serving computer expert Kerr Avon. With the help of its computer Zen They escape on this powerful vessel renaming it the Liberator.

They fight back against the evil Federation forces lead by beautiful but power mad Servalan and her henchman Travis. The crew was joined by a supercomputer Orac and telepath freedom fighter Cally. Later Gan and Cally are killed and Blake and Jenna go missing, replacing them is ex Federation pilot Del Tarrant, weapons expert Dayna Mellanby and gunfighter Soolin. Despite the change in fortunes of the crew the fight against the Federation continues.


Bad Points:


Blakes 7 Series 1 is available on DVD. The rest is available on video. The videos have clear sound and a nice remasterd picture, but of course no extras.

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