Creator: Donald P. Bellisario
Episodes: 80 x 50mins
Screened: 1984 - 1987 (4 seasons)
Main Cast: Stringfellow Hawke Jan Michael Vincent
Dominic Santini Ernest Borgnine
Archangel Alex Cord
Caitlin O'Shannessy Jean Bruce Scott
Marella Deborah Pratt

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File A56 - 7W:
Classified: TOP SECRET
Subject: AIRWOLF

A Mach 1+ attack helicopter with the most advanced weapons system in the air today. It has been hidden somewhere in the Western United States by its test pilot Stringfellow Hawke. Hawke has promised to return Airwolf only if we can find his brother, St. John, an MIA in Vietnam. We suspect that Archangel, deputy director of the agency that built Airwolf is secretly helping Hawke in return for Hawkes flying Airwolf on missions of national concern.

Stringfellow Hawke is 34, a brilliant combat pilot and a reckler since his brothers dissappearance. His only friend is Dominic Santini, whos air service is the cover for their government work. With Hawke and Santini working as a team flying at speeds rivalling the fastest jets, backed by unmatched firepower, Airwolf is too dangerous to be left in unenlightened hands. Finding it is your first priority.


Mad boffin Professor Charles Moffett designs and builds an experimental and highly Top Secret jet helicopter that has more than 16 weapons selections and due to it's revolutionary design as an "aerodynamic lifting body" it can also slightly exceed the speed of sound (Mach 1). The funding for "Airwolf" came from a covert US government agency known only as the F.I.R.M. Whilst flying Airwolf on a demonstration flight to display the awesome effectiveness of his brainchild. Moffett double crosses everyone at the F.I.R.M and brutally kills everyone at the test site before heading off to Libya where he can hide out until he finds a foreign buyer for Airwolf.

Several weeks after the massacre at the demonstration site the deputy director of the F.I.R.M codenamed "Arcangel" convinces Strinfellow Hawke, Airwolf's original test pilot and the only person other than Moffett who can fly Airwolf to travel to Libya and retrieve Airwolf. Hawke assisted by his old family friend and mentor Dominic Santini, successfully rescue "The Lady" as they call her and terminate Moffett with extreme prejudice before taking Airwolf back to the USA. Instead of just handing the fabulous machine over, Hawke refuses to let them have it until they find his brother who was reported M.I,A in Vietnam. Despite the basically stand off-ish arrangement, Arcangel provides Hawke with jobs that the "agency" would like him to carry out on their behalf as they endeavour to find his brother.

Many of the stories tend to revolve mainly around the realistic and well rounded character of Stringfellow Hawke who is an obvious "reluctant hero" type character and is frequently forced to fight to survive as he is sent on missions of international and national intrigue. Hawke's character was well written and he is always seen as the man who can make a difference. The series is a dramatic action-adventure series with a liberal helping of espionage and perhaps a touch of paranoia thrown in for good measure. But ostensibly about this sleek, jet powered black stealth helicopter gunship with serious attitude......Airwolf.


Bad Points:


Some of the Airwolf episodes are available on DVD but not all of them as yet and the discs that are available aren't particuarly well put together and have nothing in the way of extras. It may be worth waiting a little longer just in case decent releases come out.

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