You Know Your in...

Every wondered with Scifi show your appearing in (I bet Brian Blessed has)? Well you need our invaluable guide to discover just which wobbly set and mars bar foreheaded alien your fighting this week: -

You know your in Star Trek when:

You know your in Blake's 7 when:

You know your in Doctor Who when:

You know your in Babylon 5 when:

  • You're named after a biscuit.
  • You swear that cop over there was Cheqov in Star Trek.
  • It's your destiny to save the universe, but nobody tells you for nearly two years.
  • Either Lost in Space's Will Robinson or Animal House's Flounder is your personal assistant.

You know your in Stargate SG1 when:

  • That rumble in your stomach turns out to be a snake.
  • The Bangles song "Walk like an Egyptian" is a terrifying prophecy.
  • Your boss is MacGyver
  • The Time Team archeology program is a war movie.

You know your in Farscape when:

  • You are the colour blue.
  • Nobody seems to notice that half the people around them are muppets.
  • You talk to an ugly albino wearing a gimp suit that only exists in your own head.
  • Your mode of transport has a baby.

You know your in Thunderbirds when:

  • Everything comes with strings attached.
  • Your head is two-thirds the size of your body.
  • Your couch is a shortcut to the garage.
  • You see highlights of your day before it starts.

You know your in Quantum Leap when:

  • Whenever you look in the mirror you see Scott Bakula.
  • Your best mate calls his computer Ziggy.
  • You could travel anywhere but usually end up in 1950's America.
  • You never feel like yourself.

You know your in the X Files when:

  • You have never said, "Now that's really strange".
  • Everybody really is out to get you (mainly because they are all aliens).
  • You prove the same thing to your partner every week for seven years and she still doesn't believe you.
  • Abduction is not just a word but also a way of life.

You know when your in Enterprise when:

  • Everything is complete and total pants.
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