Movie Sequels, unfortunately most are quite awful and invariably ruin an appreciation for an outstanding original. In some rare cases a sequel may be better than the original, but the purpose of this bijou exclamation is merely to point out some of the sequels which I feel are really bad. As there are so many, I have limited the list, otherwise I would be writing for days. The list is not in any particular order, I have merely listed the offenders.


Robocop 3

Basically..Darn awful! After Robocop 2, the studios should have called it a day, but they made this pile of old tut! Fred Dekker tries to replace Peter Weller as Robocop, and can't. The film is badly written, badly acted, terribly directed and far fetched, even for Robocop and the inferior CGI is over the top.


Where do you begin? Absolute rubbish, a waste of money! After a brilliant first two films, ALIEN 3 is a total disappointment. Although Alien 4, does do a lot better.

MAD MAX 3:-Beyond Thunderdome

A Quite disappointing sequel, lacking the grit and conviction of it's predecessors. Tina Turner is terribly wooden, cheesy and generally unwatchable. Max himself is not the character we got to know in the earlier films.

Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 - The Dream Master

Absolute rubbish! Never ever, ever let Renny Harlin direct a horror film ever again! Packed with arty camera angles, about as much suspense as a Muppet Show, and is the most pitiful, of all of the Elm Street films. Carried by superior films before and maybe one or two after. (Leave Elm Street to Wes Craven, he knows what he is doing!)

The Exorcist 2 - The Heretic

Very loosely follows from the original, it is both lame and quite boring. Attempts to deliver too much, and can't, not even worth going into detail. If you like the original, don't watch this!

Highlander 2

Completely ignores the original Highlander film. Attempts to rewrite the story, involving a planet called Zeist, a dodgy tantric sex type experience called "the quickening", Sean Connery coming back to life, a power shield around the Earth and a maniacal alien warlord. What has any of that got to do with Highlander!!!!!


Batman and Robin

Whoever put Joel Shumacher in charge of the Batman films, wants a damned good kicking! Batman is not, Val Kilmer or George Clooney and Gotham City is not meant to be like a Post-Modernist Hippie Roman Disco culture. Including Humongous statues, bright neon lights, the whole thing is a surreal mish mash with Metropolis and Logans Run indispersed somewhere in the thick of it.

The Phantom Menace

Where do you start?!

Under Seige 2 - Dark Territory

A vague attempt to repeat surprise box office success, with a Seagal film. Lets face it Steven Seagal isn't exactly renowned for his acting talent, (he hasn't got any!) and plain evidence of this, can be found in this ludicrous film.

American Werewolf in Paris

An American Werewolf in Paris

The alleged story skates on very thin ice indeed, and has nothing to do with An American Werewolf in London, the superb piece of cinema by John Landis. Too much CGI, and not enough story.

Highlander 4 - Endgame

This film is tacky and quite awful. Don't even get me started on it! This is the reason that I did not join my colleague, GLITZ in reviewing it.

These are just some of the movie sequels that I truly do have a most sincere loathing of, so many left out and so many for a future post.

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