The 2003 Golden Glitz Awards

Another year has gone so this means another review of the year and another Golden Glitz awards.

A bit of change in categories this year as we celebrate the best in each genre: -

Review of the 2003

Best Film Best Actor \ Actress
Worst Film Worst Actor \ Actress
Best Sci-fi Film Best Direction
Best Horror Film Best Effects
Best Action \ Effects Film Best Script
Best Family Film Best DVD
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Top of PageLooking Back at 2003:

Last year we witnessed what we thought was an improvement in the quality of films we reviewed. Yet even then we commented on the remake \ sequel trend Hollywood has embrassed. Unfortunately of these two comments it appears that this years major releases are mostly sequels, and more importantly the quality of these has proved disapointing.

The biggest disapointment was without doubt Matrix Reloaded which was a pretentious mess of a half a film. But Star Trek Nemesis, Charlies Angels Full throttle and Tomb Raider Cradle of life were all pretty lame ducks. Thankfully people voted with their feet and stayed away.

The biggest winners this year were some of the most original. Finding Nemo was technically superb and hilarious to boot, cementing Pixar as the number one animation house around. Pirates of the Caribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl surprised us by being a right good actioned packed laugh. Plus the pen of Luc Besson bought us some top quality thrills.

Have the studios learnt their lesson? I doubt it. Even if they have have it will take a couple of years for the results to filter through. I think more likely all we have done is created another series of franchises to sequel to death. The hope lies on the edges of Hollywood where movies like Identity show us that although many of the big budget sequels are pants there is still originality in the smaller films. Or maybe it lies elsewhere like the continuing excellence of both the French and Asian film industries.

Top of PageCategory: Best Film

Winner: Finding Nemo
2nd: Pirates of the Caribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
3rd: Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
4th: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
5th: 28 Days Later

And just missing out are X2 (X-Men 2), The Bourne Identity, and Transporter.

Top of PageCategory: Worst Film

Winner: Matrix Reloaded
2nd: Underworld
3rd: Star Trek Nemesis
4th: Ballistic Eccs Vs. Sever
5th: Shanghai Knights

Three of the top five were sequels (and we didn't even watch the Tomb Raider or Charlies Angels sequels yet) it marks what a poor year this type of film had.

Top of PageCategory: Best Sci-fi Film

Winner: 28 days later

At last a film that didn't want to be the Matrix, add this to a good story and some outstanding shots from Danny Boyle and 28 Days Later was an easy winner. Best of the Matrix wannabes however was Equilibrium.

Top of PageCategory: Best Horror Film

Winner: Below

What do you get if you cross Amityville with Das Boot, the answer is Below an excellent tale of a posessed submarine. Also worth a mention is Darkness Falls.

Top of PageCategory: Best Action \ Effects Film

Winner: Pirates of the Caribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Finally a Pirate film that was good. Looking elsewhere the Luc Besson movie machine bought us the twin delights of Wasabi and Transporter.

Top of PageCategory: Best Family Film

Winner: Finding Nemo

Being best film it had to win didn't it. However Stuart Little 2 is a good second.

Top of PageCategory: Best Thriller Film

Winner: Crimson Rivers

A return to form for Jean Reno in this slick French hunt for a serial killer. Just missing out is the excellent remake of Insomnia, and the interesting Spy Game.

Top of PageCategory: Best Comedy Film

Winner: Bruce Almighty

It wasn't the best year for Comedy but like him or loath him Jim Carey's Bruce Almighty was the funniest thing out there. The other contender Rat Race fell at the final hurdle.

Top of PageCategory: Best Actor \ Actress

Winner: Johnny Depp

Ensuring the name Captain Jack Sparrow goes down in history in Pirates of the Caribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Johnny Depp gave a performance that blew the others out of the water. The only person to come close was his co-star in that film Geoffrey Rush, who also voiced Nigel the Stalk in Finding Nemo.

Top of PageCategory: Worst Actor \ Actress

Winner: Kate Beckinsale

Proving that that the stuff actors are made out of is wood, Kate Beckinsale pouted, sulked, and posed, but failed to act in Underworld.

Top of PageCategory: Best Director

Winner: Andrew Stanton + Lee Unkrich

Andrew Stanton came up with the idea of a cartoon set underwater, and together with Lee Unkrich they set about this monumentally difficult realisation. The end result was simply outstanding.

Top of PageCategory: Best Effects

Winner: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

In one word Golum. This totally CGI'd character proved what a long way we have come from the intergalactic space ass that was Jar Jar Binks. It was the first time a CGI chacrater gave such an emotional performance and it was totally convincing.

Top of PageCategory: Best Script

Winner: Crimson Rivers

Full credit goes to Jean-Christophe Grangé and Mathieu Kassovitz's inventive take on the buddy buddy cop relationship, and on the serial killer story. By bravely keeping the two main characters apart for half the film, it is with a lot of style that aparently two separate cases are interwoven.

Top of PageCategory: Best DVD

Winner: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (4 Disc editon)

This set is beautifully presented in a fold out case with suplimentary booklet. Two first two discs have the extended cut (by 45 minutes) of film and commentary tracks with a superb transfer. The second two discs contain just about everything you could possbly want to know about the film. In short this is a supperb collection.

Top of PageCategory: Best DVD Extra

Winner: Matrix Reloaded - MTV spoof

Ok so the film may be awful but at least the star studded MTV spoof is excellent.

Top of PageNotes:

Please note that the term this year mainly refers to the release dates of the DVD's therefore some films may actually have had their cinema release in previous year.

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