The 2002 Golden Glitz Awards

Hello again and welcome to the 2nd Annual Golden Glitz Awards. Where we will pass a critical eye over the movies we have reviewed (not released) this year, we will be praising the good and cremating the bad.

And so with anticipation building we can annouce the categories for this years Golden Glitz awards: -

Film Cast Crew DVD
Best Film Best Actor Best Direction Best DVD
Worst Film Worst Actor Best Effects Worst DVD
Best Anitmated Film Best Actress Best Soundtrack Best DVD Label
Worst Actress Best Script Best DVD Extra

Top of PageCategory: Best Film

Winner: Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring
2nd: Spiderman
3rd: Joy Ride (Road Kill)
4th: Eight Legged Freaks
5th: Star Wars - Attack of the Clones

And just missing out are Memento, Reign of Fire, and The Others.

Top of PageCategory: Worst Film

Winner: Rollerball (2002)
2nd: Just Visiting
3rd: From Hell
4th: Thirteen Ghosts
5th: Dracula 2001 (2002)

Not such a good year for bad movies thankfully, but Dog Soldiers almost made it onto the list.

Top of PageComment:

This year we have a bit of change with animation films having their own category. So no we are not ignoring Monsters Inc..

Where as last year was typified with disapointment this year has seen a marked improvement. Without doubt the film of the year was Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring, which proved that George Lucas is no longer king of the epic. Sam Raimi's comic book conversion Spiderman swung into second place. Proving as it does the comic was are being won by Marvel after years of DC domination in the film stakes. Next a great stalker horror Joy Ride (Road Kill), and a truely silly monster story. Lastly we have Star Wars - Attack of the Clones a big improvement over The Phantom Menance but still not as good as the originals.

A number of small films have also impressed including Memento, and Reign of Fire. Also The Mothman Phophecies, and Jackie Chan's Accidental Spy deserve credit. Also some older forign films came to our attention including the excellent Taxi, and the scary Ring series. It has been a good year indeed.

Of course there have been dispointments and these have mainly come from the remake trend. No film this year came close to being as bad as Rollerball 2002 the worst remake ever. Although Just Visiting, and Thirteen Ghosts also proved that remakes are basically pants. The bad CGI tread hit Blade 2 hard but didn't manage to ruin the film. But apart from that this years biggest problems were with new versions of horror classic characters, with both Jack the Ripper in From Hell and Dracula in Dracula 2001 (2002) coming out badly.

Top of PageCategory: Best Animated Film

Winner: Monsters Inc.

Pixar animated brilliance this year saw off the strong contenders Ice Age and Atlantis the lost Empire. It was a hard fought contest but the overall quality in script and animation shone through for the Pixar film. A favourite for kids and adults alike Monsters Inc. is a real winner.

Top of PageCategory: Best Actor

Winner: Guy Pearce

A brilliant performace in Memento ensured this ex-neighbours lad the award. He even escaped the remake of The Time Machine with a lot of credit to his name. With such films as LA Confidential and Precilla Queen of the Desert behind him he already has a great pedigree, and we look forward to his future films.

Other actors worth mentioning include Rupert Grint again for being the best thing in Thunderpants and for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Also Toby Mcguire for the excellent protrayal of both Peter Parker and Spiderman. Lastly Billy Crystall deserves a mention for Monsters Inc., why can't he be this funny all of the time.

Top of PageCategory: Worst Actor

Winner: Chris Klein

How do you fill the shoes of James Caan in the Rollerball remake, answer you don't if you are Chris Klein. In fact you fail even to fill the shoes of acting lightweight Keanu Reeves. In short a bad movie deserves a bad star and they don't get much worse than Chris Klein this year.

Unfortunately one of may favourite actors is also worth a mention and that is Jean Reno. Not because he is bad per say but for picking two of the worst films of the year to appear in (Rollerball, and Just Visiting. Lastly the whole cast of Dog Soldiers (bar Sean Pertwee) deserve a mention for collective awfulness.

Top of PageCategory: Best Actress

Winner: Milla Jovovich

A long way from Return to the Blue Lagoon this years Resident Evil proved just how far. Milla was beautiful and deadly in this ultimate action girl role, it is just a shame that the film didn't live up to her performance. Added to this role was the a superb cameo in the great comedy Zoolander and it has been a well rounded year for this upcoming actress.

Also worth mentioning are Nicole Kidman for The Others, and Kristen Dunst for Spiderman. Lastly it credit must go to Audrey Tautou who was brilliant in Amelie, look out for a review soon.

Top of PageCategory: Worst Actress

Winner: Heather Graham

Heather Graham is not a bad actress and is very active, but what in hell made her use the worlds worst red hair dye and try a bad cockney accent From Hell. She is many things but she is not Mary Kelly.

Other fine flops include Cate Blanchett thankfully her time on screen is short in in Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Rings, and Shannon Elizabeth who is just pants with her clothes on in Thirteen Ghosts.

Top of PageCategory: Best Direction

Winner: Peter Jackson for Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson has seemingly done the impossible and bought the classic Tolkien novels to the screen. Supperb direction has blended cutting edge visuals into a middle earth tour de force. There can be no bigger fan of the Lord of the Rings books than him. The loving care in which these films have been crafted is evident. Forget Lucas, Peter Jackson is the new king of the epic trilogy.

Top of PageCategory: Best Effects

Winner: Eight Legged Freaks

It is rare the CGI looks anything other than CGI. Here the spiders are some of the best effects of the year. Not only do they look great under natural daylight (a tricky task indeed), but they manage to gain character. This may not have been the biggest film this year but the effects are excellent.

Yes I know that Lord of the Rings has excellent cutting edge effects but hasn't it won enough already!

Top of PageCategory: Best Soundtrack

Winner: Run Lola Run

At last a score that not only matchs the film's action but adds to it. This The bass beat of this techno rock soundtrack really adds urgency to the story. In all it is rare for a score to work so well.

Top of PageCategory: Best Script

Winner: Christopher Nolan for Memento

Writer \ director Christopher Nolan stands the way a film is made on its head. Writing a film that runs backwards is clever and tricky, yet he never lets things become to confusing. Memento is a brilliantly original and complex thriller, and this is due to the intellegent script. Top marks for leaving the main stream so far behind.

Top of Page Category: Best DVD

Winner: Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Rings
Extended Collectors Edition

Forget the early rip off version of this film this four disc set is the definative article. Not only do you you get an extended version of this years best film, but you get more extras than can be described here.

Top of Page Category: Worst DVD

Winner: L.A. Takedown

Poor picture and sound and total absense of extras destroy this good early Micheal Mann movie. The VHS tape may even be better!

Top of Page Category: Best DVD Label

Winner: Carlton

With the BBC now a strong contender, Carlton pulled through ewith the excellent UFO and Joe 90 box sets. Last years winner Hong Kong Legends also derserve a mention but its been a mixed year for them.

Top of Page Category: Best DVD Extra

Winner: Eight Legged Freaks - The Computer game

On the DVD ROM section of this disc can be found a great doom clone computer game. The action is set in and around the film locations and soundclips of the cast have been cleverly used. Very playable and a lot of fun. An original and enteraining extra.

Top of PageNotes:

Please note that the term this year mainly refers to the release dates of the DVD's therefore some films may actually have had their cinema release in previous year.

Also no Halle Berrys were made to cry during the production of this award cerimony.

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