Alternative Film Tag Lines

They appear on the film posters, they plaster the box art of the DVD, they are the ulimate one line sell, they are the film tag lines. Ever get the feeling that sometimes they don't quite tell the truth, well check out our alternative movie tag lines.

Film: Tagline:
Matrix Reloaded Don't you wish he'd taken the blue pill.
Basic Instinct No she isn't wearing underwear.
Terminator 3 Terminator 2's less talented twin.
Star Wars The Phantom Menace Unlike fine wine George Lucas doesn't improve with age.
Blade 2 Blade the computer game.
The Core Armageddon upside down.
Event Horizon Alien + Hellraiser = Event Horizon.
Showgirls Nice body shame about the film.
Dune Star Wars for Art Students.
Pretty Woman No she isn't.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers See, vegetables aren't good for you.
Star Trek Nemesis It's better than Enterprise (but only just).
Planet of the Apes When Roddy McDowell ruled the earth.
Batman and Robin Batman verses the Franchise killer Joel Schumacher.
Rundown We're shocked, the Rock CAN act.
1984 Funny I don't remember things being this bad twenty years ago.
Nutty Professor 2 Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny, no we don't either.
Independence day After the White House gets it, it's all down hill.
The Sum of all Fears Ben Affleck ISN'T Jack Ryan.
Free Willy So the Japanese can kill him.
Donnie Darko No we didn't understand it either.
Monster's Inc. Fur may be difficult to animate but it sells loads of toys.
Back to the future part 3 Back from the past, to the further past, then to the future!
U571 The history of World War 2 according to the Americans.
Hannibal Hopkins murders self-restraint.
Lord of the Rings From the director of Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles, go figure?
Tomb Raider 2 You watched the first one so you only have yourself to blame that we made a sequel.
Bruce Almighty Jennifer Anniston with bigger boobs...there is a god.
2 Fast 2 Furious We ran out of Diesel.
2001 The dangers of filming the end of the movie on acid.

Have you got any more, well let us know.


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