Sean Pertwee

Status: Actor
Born: 4/6/1964
London, England
Fame: Best British Supporting actor


2002 Equilibrium Father
2002 Dog Soldiers Frank Martin
2001 51st State Wells
2001 Cold Feet (TVS) Mark Cubitt
2000 Love, Honour and Obey Sean
2000 Seven Days to Live Martin Shaw
1999 Five Seconds to Spare
1999 Cleopatra (TV) Marcus Brutus
1998 Soldier Mace
1998 Talos the Mummy Bradley Cortese
1998 Stiff Upper Lips George
1998 Macbeth (TV) Macbeth
1997 Event Horizon Pilot Smith
1996 Bodyguards (TVS) Ian Worrell
1996 Deadly Voyage (TV) Ion
1995 Blue Juice JC
1995 I.D. Martin
1994 Cadfael (TVS) Hugh Beringar
1994 The Changeling (TV) Tomazo
1994 Shopping Tommy
1993 Dirty Weekend The Quiet one
1992 Leon the Pig Farmer Keith Chadwick
1992 The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (TVS) Captain Heinz
1990 Chancer (TVS) Jamie Douglas
1990 Tragedy of Flight 103 (TV) Oliver Koch
1990 Cluedo (TVS) Richard Forrest
1990 Harry Enfield's Television Programme (TVS) Dont's son-in-law

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