Robert Zemeckis

Status: Director, Producer
Born: 14/15/1952
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Fame: Back To The Future


2005 Magick Producer
2004 Clink Inc. Producer
2004 Monster House Producer
2004 House of Wax Producer
2004 The Polar Express Writer, Director, Producer
2003 Gothika Producer
2003 Matchstick Men Producer
2002 Ghost Ship Producer
2002 Macabre Director
2001 Clink Inc. Producer
2001 Thir13en Ghosts Producer
2000 Cast Away Director +Producer
2000 What Lies Beneath Director
1999 The House on Haunted Hill Producer
1997 Contact Director +Producer
1996 Bordello of Blood Exec. Producer +Writer
1996 The Frighteners Exec. Producer
1995 Demon Knight Exec. Producer
1994 Forrest Gump Director
1993 Johnny Bago (TVS) Director +Producer
1992 Trespass Exec. Producer +Writer
1992 Death Becomes Her Director
1990 Back To The Future 3 Director +Writer
1989 Tales From The Crypt (TVS) Director
1989 Back To The Future 2 Director +Writer
1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit Director
1985 Back To The Future Director +Writer
1984 Romancing The Stone Director
1980 Used Cars Director +Writer
1978 I Wanna Hold Your Hand Director
1973 A Field Of Honour Director +Writer
1972 The Lift Director +Writer

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