"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Status: Actor
Born: 17/04/1954
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Fame: Hell comes from wrestling


1999 Jack of Hearts Deeds
1999 Cybercity Miles
1998 Last To Surrender Nick Ford
1998 The Bad Pack Dash Simms
1997 Dead Tides Mick Leddy
1996 Sci-fighters Cameron
1995 Jungleground Lt. Jake Cornel
1995 Marked Man Frank Gibson
1995 Terminal Rush Bartel
1995 Tough and Deadly Elmo Freech
1995 The Outer Limits: Small Friends Marlon
1994 Back in Action Frank Rossi
1994 Immortal Combat John Keller
1994 No Contest Ice
1994 RoboCop: Robocop vs. Commander Cash Commander Cash
1993 Walker, Texas Ranger: Crusader Cody "The Crusader" Conway
1992 Highlander: Epitaph For Tommy Anthony Gallen
1991 Tag Team Rick McDonald
1988 They Live John Nada
1987 Body Slam Quick Rick Roberts
1987 Hell Comes to Frogtown Sam Hell

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