Michael Berryman

Status: Actor
Born: 04/09/1948
Los Angeles, California, USA
Fame: Biker Mutant


2000 Slice Slice
2000 The Independant Himself
1999 Necrodemon Necrodemon
1996 Mojave Moon Angel
1996 Spy Hard Bus passenger in oxygen mask
1994 The Crow Skull Cowboy (deleted scenes)
1993 Aunties Little Meat Pies Larry
1993 Double Dragon Maniac Leader
1991 The Guyver: Mutronics Lisker
1991 Teenage Exorcist
1991 Wizards of the Demon Sword Highway man #1
1991 Beastmaster 2:Through the Portal of Time Pilgrim
1990 Aftershock Queen
1990 Evil Spirits Mr. Balzac
1990 Haunting Fear Mortician
1990 Solar Crisis Matthew
1988 Saturday the 14th Strikes Back
1988 Voyage of the Rock Aliens Chainsaw
1987 The Barbarians Dirtmaster
1987 The Highwayman (TVM) Chromedome
1986 Armed Response F.C
1986 Off The Mark Acme Labs Man
1986 Star Trek 4:The Voyage Home Starfleet Display Officer
1985 The Hills Have Eyes 2 Pluto
1985 Straight To Hell Quecho
1985 Weird Science Mutant Biker
1985 My Science Project Mutant #1
1981 Deadly Blessing William Gluntz
1980 The Fifth Floor Mental Patient
1977 The Hills Have Eyes Pluto
1975 Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze Coroner
1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Ellis

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