Jeffrey Combs

Status: Actor
Born: 09/09/1954
Oxnard, California, USA
Fame: Re-Animator


2003 Beyond Re-Amimator Dr Herbert West
2002 Fear Dot Com Sykes
2001 Contagion Brown
2000 The Attic Expeditions Dr. Ek
2000 Faust: Love and the Damned Lt. Dan Margolies
1999 The House on Haunted Hill Dr. Richard Vannacutt
1999 Posiedons Fury: Escape from the Lost City Lord Darkennon
1998 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Dr. Joseph Brooks
1998 Caught Up Security Guard
1997 Batman: Gotham Knights (TVS) (voices of) Jonathon Crane / Scarecrow
1997 Spoiler Captain
1996 Death Falls Lonnie Hawks
1996 The Frighteners Special Agent Milton Dammers
1995 Castle Freak John Reilly
1995 Cyberstalker Andy Coberman
1995 Time Chasers Dr Carrington
1995 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TVS) Weyoun
1994 Lurking Fear Dr. Haggis
1994 Necronomicon H.P. Lovecraft
1994 Love and a .45 Dinosaur Bob
1994 Babylon 5 (TVS) Harriman Grey
1993 Fortress D-Day
1992 Doctor Mordrid Dr. Mordrid
1991 The Guyver: Mutronics Dr. East
1991 Robot Jox 1st Prole
1991 Trancers 2: Return of Jack Deth Dr. Pyle
1990 The Pit and the Pendulum Francisco
1990 Bride of Re-Animator Dr. Herbert West
1988 Cellar Dweller Colin Childress
1987 Cyclone Rick Davenport
1987 Dead Man Walking Chaz
1986 From Beyond Crawford Tillinghast
1986 The Phantom Empire Andrew Paris
1985 Re-Animator Dr. Herbert West
1983 The Man With Two Brains Dr. Jones
1982 Frightmare Stu
1981 Honk Tonk Freeway Drive-In Teller

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