Bruce Boxleitner

Status: Actor
Born: 12/05/1950
Elgin, Illinois, USA
Fame: From Tron to Babylon 5


2002 Silence Agent. Preston
2002 Gods & Generals General James Longstreet
2001 Contagion President Howard
2001 Life in The Balance Eric Johnson
2000 Perilous Judd
1999 Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (TVM) Interstellar Alliance President John J. Sheridan
1998 Babylon 5: Thirdspace (TVM) Captain John J. Sheridan
1998 Babylon 5: In The Beginning (TVM) Lt Commander John J. Sheridan
1994 Babylon 5 (TVS) Captain / President John J. Sheridan
1994 Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone Sam. Sheriff Cochise County
1993 The House of Secrets (TVM) Dr. Frank Ravinel
1992 Double Jeopardy (TVM) Jack Hart
1992 The Babe "Jumpin'" Joe Dugan
1992 Kuffs Brad Kuffs
1991 Diplomatic Immunity Cole Hickel
1990 Breakaway Joey
1989 The Road Raiders (TVM) Charlie
1989 From The Dead of Night (TVM) Peter Langford
1983 Scarecrow & Mrs. King (TVS) Lee Stetson (Scarecrow)
1982 Bring 'em Back Alive (TVS) Frank Buck
1982 Tron Alan Bradley / Tron
1980 The Baltimore Bullet Billie Joe Robbins
1979 How The West Was Won (TVS) Luke Macahan
1975 Six Pack Annie Bobby Joe

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