X - Men
Dir: Bryan Singer
Star: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Famke Janssen, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry
Cert / Year: 12 PG-13 / 2000
Format: VIDEO

As a long term Comic book reader and fan, and having read the X-Men comics for nigh on 20 years I am sure that for a lot of other Comic fans this is the MOST eagerly awaited film.....ever.

I admit that my expectations were not set too high for this film in-light of the past productions that some excellent comics been given, Superman, Spawn, Batman and I think the less said about the Spiderman television series the better (whatever is Nicholas Hammond up to these days?).

Anyway I kept up with production reports whilst it was being made, and cringed at some of the choices they were considering at the time, but on with the synopsis. The X-Men of the title is a team of people who as a freak of nature have mutated due to a gene in their DNA which gives them unique "super" abilities, viewed as the next stage in human evolution they are referred to by some as Homo-Superior" and by others "mutant menace".

As with all things you have the good - The X-Men led by Professor Charles Xavier, and the bad - The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led by Magneto. Xavier brilliantly played by Patrick Stewart wants a world where human and mutant can live together in peace and harmony, free from prejudice and descrimination, whereas Magneto badly played by Ian McKellan feels that the mutants should rule the human race under his control (naturally) Cry Havoc and let loose the Dogs of War

That is all I am saying as to the story (loosely) The main point is that this big screen excursion should have been used a little more wisely, the story of the X-Men could have been told not just start in the middle of a saga and expect everyone to accept it. There are far too many continuity errors between the film and the VERY well established Comic books, The fact that Mystique/Raven Darkholme introduced Rogue to the X-Men when she was about ten years older than the teenage Anna Paquin, the fact that she is supposedly one of Mystique's offspring. Iceman/Bobby Drake is meant to be a couple of years younger than Cyclops/Scott Summers and was a member of the original X-Men, where was Beast, Angel, Morph & Nightcrawler there are original members missing or allegedly depicted as teenage students...WHY!!!

It appears that Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto who wrote this film in collaboration with David Hayter might have written a better film if they had paid attention to the actual story of the X-Men and that whole story arc, instead of reading one or two editions of the comic that they happened upon. Sir Ian McKellan was badly cast for this role, he is a fine actor but does not suit this role, Magneto would have been better played by Rutger Hauer (at least he has a German accent) I said all along that only one man could play Charles Xavier and I am happy to say that Patrick Stewart is brilliant in this role getting across the prescence you would expect. James Marsden isn't too bad either as Cyclops, Halle Berry is outstanding as Storm, Famke Janssen is a good actress but she can't play Jean Grey, she is most unsuited for that role. Nice to see Ray Parks in another film even if it is as Toad, I am looking forward to seeing him in IRON FIST (another comic character) although I think he could have had a better role in the film, Tyler Mane is quite amusing in the role of Sabretooth/Victor Creed, and as a former wrestler he is used to acting. Hugh Jackman who plays Logan/Wolverine doesn't do a bad job but it just isn't Wolverine. Wolverine is supposed to be around 5ft 3 in height a lot more muscular and a master of martial arts, there is also a long history between Logan and Sabretooth which has been ignored completely, and the brief fight scenes are not what you would expect.

I know that I am perhaps being a little critical of this film if not a bit picky but as an avid comic reader and having grown up with the X-Men as it were, it is a bit frustrating to see the blatant and obvious (to me anyway) mistakes in the arc, although to be fair, with the generation of filmgoers seeing this film most of this is mute, but to anyone who has read the comics before this film came out you will know what I am talking about. Which is why on this occassion I am giving this film two ratings

As a film on it's own right I have to say that it is good and if you have never read the Marvel comics and are unfamiliar with the story you will love it, The special effects are brilliant lots of action (ish) and it is nice to see a politician get his come-upance.

Rating: 4 out of 5

On the other hand for all you Comic fans you are likely to be disappointed this film is loaded with loopholes and contradictions to the saga so don't get your hopes up this film could have been better

Rating: 3 out of 5

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