Dir: Donovan Kelly
Star: Allen Scotti, Julie Cialini, Jennifer Courtney, Brian Monahan
Cert / Year: 18 - R / 2002
Format: DVD R2

Returning to his the family home in a remote Irish village. Writer, Colum Kennedy (Allen Scotti) learns that the village is populated by animalistic shapeshifters. Events take a different turn though, when a ferocious Irish wolfhound transforms into a hauntingly beautiful woman (Julie Cialini), and as ancient passions ignite, Colum learns of a terrible family secret which forces him to choose between his wife and children or unleash the beast within...

To be be brutally honest, Wolfhound is boring and barely entertaining. This low budget horror outing owes a lot to the Howling sequels and you know that you have seen all this before somewhere. There is nothing new and nothing really entertaining to speak of, as this appears to be little more than a slim excuse for former "Playmate of the Year" Julie Cialini to parade around stark naked and gyrate in a series of sexual posturings with Allen Scotti. That said this will undoubtedly appeal to the angst ridden, spotty teen male audience as it has no actual horror but plenty of flesh, to titilate, most of it being a Playmate who tosses her hair in almost every scene.

Allen Scotti looks remarkably like British actor James Purefoy, but he doesn't have the talent unfortunately. He even manages one or two scenes where he actually acts, but don't get your hopes up, they are few and far between and they don't last long. Jennifer Courtney plays a typical whiney American woman, missing New York and the "comforts" of America as she moves to the "old world" with her husband. The performance is one of the worst of the film and she grins at what seem to be the most inopportune moments, mainly when she should be serious or dramatic, but you can't really tell because the script is such a hopeless array of waffle and misplaced ideas that it just never seems to work. Like no-one else in the tight knit shape shifting community thought it strange that one of their "locals" was American.... in a small Irish village. Someone has been hoping for more than "suspension of disbelief" here I think.

Overall the "acting" is terrible, Julie Cialini only really has to slink around the screen like a sultry, mysterious shape shifter, but she just can't quite manage that effectively as her frequent hair tossing is farcical and just makes this look even cheesier. Considering the "plot" (what there is of one) is shape-shifting and a town full of shape shifters, you would expect to see plenty of shape shifting shenanagins and metamorphic carrying on, but alas, no. What you get is a couple of townspeople who change once or twice and of course the "star" Julie Cialini wandering around as a dog before changing into human form at the drop of a hat for a bit of jiggy, jiggy. The children are awful, some of the most horrendous performances by a child actor in a film for quite some time. It is hard to believe that this pile of rubbish was only made in 2002.

The direction of the evidently inexperienced Donovan Kelly is rather poor, lacklustre and lacks any substance. If the direction had been stronger, this may not have been quite so terrible. But there are numerous occasions where the film is dreadfully out of focus and/or no depth of field for any shots which is quite frankly very amateur and disgraceful. Some of the set pieces are literally just an out of focus camera being shaken wildly about, which is a little headache inducing and cheap. One or two nice shots creep in there, but there are more bad points than good to the direction. Unimpressive "hound-cam" technique, seen before and done far better originally by Sam Raimi.

Wolfhound could quite easily be served with crackers, it is that cheesy. If you are still a spotty little schoolboy then this will no doubt prove a marvelous film as it has the nudity of a "Playmate" to entice you to see it, and no doubt keep you entertained. But, for anyone who has made it through puberty, this is pretty dumb and worth avoiding!


Beware the beast within...

Rating: 1 out of 5

Picture 4.3 Fullscreen Not terrible but it is grainy and poor quality in places
Audio Dolby Digital 2.0 Acceptable but not very good
Features Dull, static menu
Theatrical trailer
Picture gallery
Verdict A poor disc with a poor presentation. Still, you don't really expect much from low budget fare such as this.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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