They call me Trinity
Dir: Enzo Barboni
Star: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Farley Granger, Remo Capitani
Cert / Year: PG - G / 1971
Format: DVD R2

A dirty scruffy cowboy comes to town on a litter dragged behind his horse. He yawns, but on his boots and gun and pats some of the copious amount dust off himself. He wolfs down a meal like a pig in the local bar despite the abuse from local gunslingers and turns to leave. They reach for their guns but too slow they are dead, the cowboy has shot them without even turning round. This isn't a man with no name, his name is Trinity.

It is wildly ironic that some of the best westerns ever made were filmed in Italy, but these so called spaghetti westerns added a gritty realism to a tired genre. All most people know about spaghetti westerns is that they all star Clint Eastwood and they are all directed by Sergio somebody. Not true, as this would be ignoring the likes the Django movies or the Trinity films. Enzo Barboni's Trinity films starred the comic paring of Terrance Hill and Bud Spencer and bought the element of comedy in to the classic Italian western mix.

Terrance Hill and Bud Spencer have starred in over eighteen movies together and although this is an early film you can instantly see the chemistry between them. Terrance Hill is the easy going likeable but ultimately mischievous Trinity and Bud Spencer plays his gruff tough big brother. It is a great contrast in characters and works perfectly, and would see them make many more great comedies together. The rest of the cast are your usual spaghetti western characters and all perform well, especially Remo Capitani who plays Mezcal the Mexican bandit.

Where is film works is in the fact that it is not a spoof. It is a genuine western with a finely honed comic script. It may not have as many laughs as Blazing Saddles, but it does have many moments which will bring a smile to your face. Overall the comedy is well scripted and clever, and with repeated viewings you are sure to pick up on a missed joke or two. Stand out scenes include the scene where Mezcal mistakes our heroes for Mormon settlers, or the brilliant huge fist fight near the end. It is an excellent balance between action and comedy.

This is a well directed film with high production values. The sets and scenery match anything the Clint Eastwood movies could muster and the direction for the most part is slick and accomplished. The only problem is that occasionally the pace lags. This happens especially in the middle of the film where things can become a little pedestrian. However when the action does kick in it is good stuff indeed. Whether it is a gun fight or a fist fight the proceedings have that well known western flair.

They call me Trinity is the ideal antidote to the serious Man with no name films. It is very funny, and the central characters are eminently likeable. In fact it is the chemistry between them that is the key to the film. A special note must be made of the dubbing (the original is in Italian) which is excellent, in fact it is so good you wouldn't know it was dubbed at all. The result is a funny western with some great action (a clear thirty years before Shanghai Noon repeated the formula). Look out for the sequel Trinity is still by name which the same cast and crew made the following year.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Picture 16:9 Anamorphic A bit grainiy at times but overall a beautifully restored picture. Remarkable for such an old film.
Audio Dual Mono Clear original soundtrack.
Features Interview view Terrance Hill and Bud Spencer
On screen facts
Stills Gallery
The Sequel Trinity is still my name
Verdict Better transfer than could be hoped for and some interesting but limited extras. But with the sequel on the same disc who can argue. This is brilliant value for money.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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