The Time Guardian
Dir: Brian Hannant & Andrew Prowse
Star: Tom Burlinson, Nikki Coghill, Dean Stockwell, Carrie Fisher
Cert / Year: PG / 1987
Format: VIDEO

There is one word to describe The Time Guardian... Awful. The really sad thing is that the filmmakers managed to get some good named stars to feature in it and the film is still awful. former Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher stars as Petra and Dean Stockwell portrays the cities ruler, Boss. This was an attempt for Australian film to break into the Sci-Fi movie industry but on a low budget and without a great script.

The "story" goes that in the far future (41st Century) the world has been ravaged by nuclear war and the only surviving city continues to exist in a protective dome. The inhabitants move backwards and forwards through time to escape attack from the genetically enhanced Cyborgs known as the Jen diki, although 'dick' is a more descriptive word. The Jen Diki have dodgy chest implants and tubes through their noses which seem to cause severe nasal congestion.

In a particular encounter one leg of the city is severely damaged by laser fire as the city disappears into the time stream and therefore the city have to send a two fighters (Ballard and Petra) into the past to prepare for the cities arrival and construct a suitable leg for it to sit on. The fighters are sent into 1990's outback Australia to a one horse town and not surprisingly they are followed there by a group of Jen Diki. Petra is wounded almost straight away (probably because they couldn't afford her fee) and Ballard is left to try and sort things out on his own. He befriends a rather nice geologist called Annie and despite almost constant bombardment and attempts to block Ballard's mission the two seem to find time to have a relationship.

Tom Burlinson who gave a reasonable performance in the three Man from Snowy River films plays Ballard. Niki Coghill plays Annie. I am informed that she was in Home and Away for some years and brings her fabulous daytime soap acting abilities into this motion picture.

Needless to say, what there is of plot, is predictable from start to finish the special effects are reasonable but there are probably about two sequences in the entire hour and forty minute film. The acting is poor, the script is non-existent and the two big named stars have only small roles and not enough to do.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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