Star Trek Nemesis
Dir: Stuart Baird
Star: Tom Hardy, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, et al
Cert / Year: 12A - PG13 / 2002
Format: DVD R2

After celbrating Deanna Troi and Will Riker's wedding the Enterprise is off on a jolly to Troi's home world when positronic signals are detected. Ever the nosey gits off they plod off to investigate only to find a early prototype of Data called B4 (sic). Meanwhile on Romulus evil Richard O'brien look-a-like Shinzon has just murdered the Romulan ruling council and seized control. He opens peace talks with the federation and asks that Picard be sent as an emissary. Just what are his plans, and can the Romulans be trusted? The next generations final voyage is about to begin.

Oh goody an even numbered Star Trek film, that means its going to be a good one doesn't it. Wrong. While it is no where near as bad a Final Frontier or Generations this addition to the seemingly endless Star Trek catalogue is far from its finest hour. In recent years Paramount had too much of a good thing where Star Trek was concerned and seemly quality has been sacrificed for quantity.In a flooded market this rates as mealy an above average television episode not a good feature film.

With such a fine cast, effects, and strong history the Next Generation films have a lot going for them, but this means nothing if you have a weak story and poor script. For a start the story lacks the required scope. One spaceship verses the Enterprise is hardly the Borg cube against the fleet. It is small scale and lacks visual impact. Worst of all though is that you have to wait for over half the film for even this less than spectacular shown down to occur. There is just too much technical waffle and wimpy negociating.

The prophensity in the next generation adventures to try and negotiate their way out of a fight was acceptable a few years ago. However post 9/11, and in a world of state run terrorism and pre emptive invasions these pacifistic sensabilities now feel woefully out of place. It is a good job that this is the next generations last voyage as it is getting increasingly difficult to root for the wimpy federation who's biggest problem is their inability to develop any decent weapons technology and have the will to use it.

The next generation crew was always too large for every character to have full involvement in every episode. The series used to give them turns, unfortunately the films can't do this. This film concentrates on Picard and Data, with Worf, LaForge and the others being relegated to the background. While concentrating on Picard could have been a good idea, having yet another Data story isn't (hey he had a major part in First Contact). It is an inescapable fact that Data has become an annoying prat and to give him a retarded half brother just doubles the annoyment factor. It is worse however as the Picard story is so badly handled. I am giving nothing away by telling you that Shinzon is Picard's clone, great if Patrick Stewart had played them both, however Tom Hardy looks nothing like him (even as a younger version of him). This laughable piece of casting effectively ruins the story.

There are many other plot holes which futher drag the film down. From the smaller ones like the prime directive being jetisoned while they recover B4. To major ones like why does Shinzon want revenge on humanity when he has only ever been mistreated by Romulans. The films is messy and the plot just doesn't work. It seems to be a poor attempt to give the next generation a Wraith of Khan story.

As a film Star Trek Nemesis isn't very good. As a Star Trek film, despite some nice Trekkie pleasing touches, Star Trek Nemesis isn't very good. As a fitting tribute and final hurrah for the next generation crew Star Trek Nemesis is terrible. During the spaceship battle there is some fun to be had, but the awful story (and Data's singing) are enough to put most people off. This is no Undiscovered Country, and this crew plus the legion of fans deserve much better than this.


A Generation's Final Journey Begins

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Logan's say:

Space, the final frontier or in this case the final straw! If the Star Trek franchise were a horse it would have been put out of it's misery a long time ago, but unfortunately we are yet again treated to another bout of Star Trek at the hands of the creatively stunted Rick Berman. I can sum up this film in one easy sentence "Complete pile of unmitigating, festering excrement, utter garbage, an insult to the viewing public and possibly one of the most arduous cinematic experiences in a long time". This was without doubt, an experience not unlike a major trauma and one perhaps best forgotten. The film tries hard to be so many things at once and unfortunately Star Trek isn't one of them, there are however multiple Star Wars moments but these serve to make this muddled and mixed up film appear even more convoluted. If it weren't for the outstanding special effect work, including the CGI and some excellent sound-scaping this would be quite an irredeemable mess. The majority of the acting is wooden as an oak tree, the script is horrendous, the story is poorly written and tenuous in the extreme as it borrows elements from many sources and the direction although not terrible is lacking some real gusto and invention.

Ok, so this is the last outing for the crew of the USS Enterprise, and as everyone knows (because it isn't a well kept secret) Data dies in the film. Throughout the series and the films, the character of Data has been striving to be more human and to understand and get a grasp of humanity. Now surely, you would think that this intrinsic detail could be used in order to tie up at least one loose end. Just at the point that we see Data give his life to save the ship and the crew, a close up of his face (or something just as simple) as he suddenly realises what it means to be human, as he displays his non-robotic ability for self-sacrifice in order to save the lives of the people that he cares about. But no, what would have proved a poignant footnote to the film is woefully overlooked.

So what do you get for your money? Well there is a ridiculous Picard clone (that looks nothing like him apart from being bald), a clattering poor cousin/predecessor to Data called "B4", a very serious looking Romulan battleship armed to the teeth (even if it doesn't let rip with them) and the USS Enterprise "E", the flagship of the Federation which is woefully under-armed and would be lucky to make it out of a wet paper bag. A couple of phaser banks and a small selection of photon torpedoes does not constitute a well armed vessel, and the fact that they still can't detect a "cloaked" ship after all this time is just pathetic.

This awful, soporific and clumsy film is, inspite of the outstanding effect work, the worst of the Trek movies to date. A lobotomy may have ensured enjoyment, that or a rabid appetite for all things Trek but the will to live is sucked out of you as you endure this big pile of faeces of a film. By half way through, you want to turn it off but assure yourself that it must get better soon, but it doesn't. Tedious, stupid and well worth avoiding. It's a good job this film doesn't come with razor blades!

Rating: 1 out of 5

Picture 2.35:1 Anamorphic Superb image
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 Lots of big explosions once the fighting begins.
Features Audio commentary by Stuart Baird
'A Star Trek Family's Final Journey' featurette
'New Frontiers': Stuart Baird direction
'A Bold Vision Of The Future' featurette
'Red Alert! The Shooting Of Nemesis' featurette
Some lame Deleted scenes, plus a much improved alternative ending
Photo Gallery
Verdict Good transfer and a fair selection of extras. The featurrettes are all a bit samey and the deleted scenes bar the ending are poor. Not the most imagieative set but not bad.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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