The Replacement Killers
Dir: Antoine Fuqua
Star: Chow Yun Fat, Mira Sorvino, Jurgen Prochnow, Michael Rooker
Cert / Year: 18 - R / 1998
Format: DVD R2

After his son is killed in a drugs bust by Stan Zedkov, (Michael Rooker) (the police officer in charge) local crime lord Terence Wei hungry for blood orders John Lee, (Chow Yun-Fat) his assassin to exact his wrath upon the cop who robbed him of his son.

John Lee however cannot go through with the hit and knowing that Mr. Wei will not let his betrayal go unpunished, goes on the run in an attempt to return to China and protect his family. In order to return home John enlists the help of beautiful document forger Meg Coburn (Mira Sorvino) who not being associated with Mr. Wei is a perfect choice to provide him with a passport. Mr. Wei learns of John's plan and despatches his army of goons under the command of his right hand man Michael Kogan (Jurgen Prochnow) to eliminate John and his new ally Meg, before he can take possession of his forged documents.

As Kogan leads the hunt for John and Meg, Mr. Wei hires a couple of replacement killers (Danny Trejo and Til Schweiger) from out of town to complete John's task and once completed find and kill John and Meg. John and Meg now have to choose whether to keep running and dodging the bullets or to stand and fight once and for all.

From the explosive first 10 minutes of the movie, Replacement Killers is an absolute high octane ultra violence fest which you just have to love. Good direction from newcomer Antoine Fuqua who manages to produce a fusion of Hong Kong cinema and Hollywood action, reminiscent of Hard Boiled the film has guns, explosions and Chow Yun-Fat (in his first Hollywood movie).

A tumultuous orgy of gun fights and explosions Replacement Killers certainly delivers some stunning action, but in places it falters and doesn't maintain the momentum as well as it could have. Replacement Killers is a good film and you can see evidence of John Woos's influence (He was Executive Producer) but to be honest Hard Boiled does have the edge slightly and as far as Hong Kong / Hollywood crossover films are concerned Drive is possibly the best of the bunch.

Good performances from (Chow Yun-Fat) (Hard Boiled, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and the delightful (Mira Sorvino) (Mimic, Summer of Sam) who maintain a firecracker on-screen chemistry and basically kick ass. Jurgen Prochnow (Das Boot, Judge Dredd) adds his unique prescence in a good supporting role as Kogan, and "Rent-a-Mexican bad guy" Danny Trejo ( From Dusk Till Dawn, Desperado) turns up for an equally good supporting role as one of the replacement killers. Michael Rooker ( 6th Day, Cliffhanger) looks ridiculous with that stupid goatee beard and he has done better roles, and manages only to look like a fish out of water in this movie. A good film but not a great film, it is entertaining and does contain some memorable scenes, it certainly has potential but may have been too adventurous for new director Antoine Fuqua to direct.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Picture 2.35:1 Good quality image
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 Very cool
Features Dreary static menu
Theatrical Trailer
Cast & crew filmographies
Verdict A cool film but minimal extras which is a pity.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Reviewed by Logan Back Top Home