The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Dir: Ron Underwood
Star: Eddie Murphy, Randy Quaid, Rosario Dawson, Joe Pantoliano, John Cleese
Cert / Year: PG - PG13 / 2002
Format: Video

Ex Smuggler and now owner of the hottest nightclub on the moon Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) has just been made an offer he can't refuse. It appears that a mysterious crime lord wants his club and will go to any lengths to get it. With only his trusty, but rather obsolete, robot and a waitress for company he will need all of his lunar experience to stay alive.

Ok so it's a modern Eddie Murphy film, so shall I just join the crowd and say its rubbish and have done with it? Well no, this film may not be the complete disaster many would tell you it is. In fact in places it is very entertaining.

The main problem with the film is it is difficult to know just who this film is aimed at. It would love to be Total Recall but it's PG rating ensures it isn't. This leaves it in places to adult for kids, and for the most part way too childish for adults. Had a decision been made to give it a higher rating and made it so people actually got shot (it's so A team every body shoots no one falls down) the film would have been much better. As it stands kids may enjoy it more than adults but it really is quite unsatisfactory.

As mentioned there are moments when the film is rather good, but these are mainly limited to the middle of the film. Top of the list are the shoot outs (despite the lack of realism) and the lunar car chase. The later is especially visually exciting and pretty funny. The comedy comes from an absolutely superb turn from John Cleese as the sarcastic computer of the limo that Pluto steals. This small role has all the funniest lines and Cleese blows away the rest of the cast. It's just a shame he isn't in it more, as shortly after he disappears the film noses dives towards a highly unoriginal and stupid ending.

Eddie Murphy is an actor like Steve Martin that desperately needs to get his edge back. All of the family friendly pap just doesn't gel with the early Murphy image and it just is good enough (except Shrek of course). Pluto Nash will do nothing to reverse this downward trend and while the movie isn't as bad as many of his recent outings the sad fact is Murphy just isn't very funny or good any more. On the other hand Randy Quaid is not bad at all, it's just a shame that he is given such relatively poor material to work with. Other than this it is spot the celebrity, with roles for everyone from Alec Baldwin to the badly miscast Pam Grier.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash is a mixed up film. It obviously had a big budget, as the quality effects and great set design show (although the moon walking is hilariously bad). It has some good action and moments of real humor, yet it just doesn't work mainly thanks to its PG rated mentality. For every moving moment where a failing robot tries to carry the unconscious body of his master to safety, there is a moment where the robot is grabbing a maid robots butt. It is a shame as when the film is good it's very good, and when it's bad it's awful.


The Man On The Moon.


Pluto Nash: What happened?
James: Obviously, you did something stupid.

Tony Francis: I met the perfect woman, so I had her cloned.
Dina Lake: Which one is which?
Tony Francis: Who cares!

(they all abondon the car as it's about to blow up)
James (the car computer): I'll just stay here and explode shall I?

Rating: 2 out of 5

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