Our Man Flint
Dir: Daniel Mann
Star: James Coburn, Lee J. Cobb, Gila Golan, Edward Mulhare
Cert / Year: PG / 1966
Format: DVD R2

The world is at the mercy of a group of renegade scientists who’s organisation is called Galaxy. They have harnessed the powers of nature itself and now plan to rule the world. All of the computers at the Zonal Organisation on World Intelligence Espionage (ZOWIE, yes I know that is the worlds worst acronym) point to only one man for the job. 0008 (a thinly disguised Bond reference used throughout the film)? No, Derek Flint. He is the super cool playboy spy who doesn't follow the rules. He teaches ballet in Moscow, he is a black belt in kung fu, and to him death is only a relaxation method. However this time he may have met his match.

Bond eh, such a good idea and so many imitators. Of those Derek Flint was one of the earliest and definitely one of the best. But unlike Bond Flints knowledge and expertise are so over the top they are unbelievable. In many way he is a prototype for Buckaroo Banzai who followed much later. Another difference from Bond is the gadgets he uses. No super cars, helicopters or guns here, no all he needs is a watch and a lighter with 82 functions (83 if you include lighting cigarettes). This are Japanese pleasing micro technology marvels, and are both original and fun.

When you watch this film you can't help but notice that this where Mike Myers got some his inspiration for Austin Powers from. Derek Flint has his own jet, is an international playboy with four live in girlfriends to wait on his every need. Watching both films and further similarities in plot do stand out. However unlike Powers Flint can do anything he turns his hand to, and seems to know almost everything. It is sort of tongue in cheek but it works well, mainly thanks to some sterling work by James Coburn.

The story is your standard spy fare, assassins, traps, giant weather controlling machines in a secret volcano base, gadgets, and of course girls. However the look of the film falls somewhere in between the slickness of a Bond film and the cheapness of The Man from Uncle. The sets are all impressive yet the model work is awful. Luckily despite some terrible sixties trendlines (James Coburn grooving is really embarrassing) the dialogue saves the day. Especially the dialogue with his long suffering boss played by Lee J. Cobb. While we are name dropping keep an eye out for Edward Mulhare playing the main bad guy, a role long before that of Devon Miles in Knight Rider.

Our Man Flint is a hard film to dislike. The central character is ridiculously hip and his one liners are sharp. Ok so it is extremely dated, the effects are dodgy and the script contains that is new, but Derek Flint is cool. There are plenty of beautiful women on show and the Jerry Goldsmith score is superb (incidentally he also wrote The Man from Uncle Theme). This film is a real blast from the past and if you are bored with the straight laced James Bond then Flint is your man. If you can't get enough of him then try the sequel In Like Flint for some more ultra cool spy shenanigans.


Introducing America's Playboy Hero!


Flint: Say, why does that eagle attack me?
Galaxy worker: He's been trained to recognize and attack Americans.
Flint: An anti-American eagle. It's diabolical.

Cramden: But Flint its your duty...
Flint: Please don't wave the flag in the bathroom sir.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Picture 16:9 Anamorphic Wonderfully colourful restored print.
Audio Dolby Surround It's nice and clear, but remember this is an old flim so we can't expect too much.
Features Awful trailer
The sequel In like Flint
Verdict The flim looks fantastic, and as for the extras you get the sequel. Overall then it's realy good value

Rating: 3 out of 5

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