The Night Caller from Outer Space
Dir: John Gilling
Star: John Saxon, Alfred Burke, Patricia Haines, Maurice Denham
Cert / Year: X / 1965
Format: DVD R1

An unidentified sphere lands on Earth, and soon an Alien monster is using a modelling scam to abduct young women. It's up to a band of army scientists and the police to stop him. This film starts well in a post Quatermass sort of way, but it then gets bogged down by the most ridiculous techno babble ever delivered. Things pick up when the monster appears (or at least a dodgy monster glove appears) but all too soon he vanishes leaving us to concentrate on the rather bland police investigation of the missing girls.

John Saxon is wooden as he continually delivers his prophecy of Alien doom, but Patricia Haines at least displays a bit more acting ability. However it's the guest stars Warren Mitchell and Aubrey Morris that show talent that leaves the rest of the cast for dead, and easily steal the best scenes in the movie. Hampered by a switching of emphasis from the science, to the monster, to the police the film never really gels. Periods of the film do drag and are pretty pointless. The worst fault though is the ending, which inexplicably changes tact and veers towards The Day the Earth Stood Still. Overall Dr Who did the sort of story much better in the seventies, so stick to that.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Picture 16:9 A clean picture.
Audio Mono Clear, mono, and unexciting.
Features Filmographies for John Saxon and John Gilling
Verdict Hardly any extras, but a picture that is pretty well presented for its age.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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