Nemesis 4
Dir: Albert Pyun
Star: Sue Price, Andrew Divoff, Nicholas Guest
Cert / Year: 15 - R / 1999
Format: VIDEO

Six years after the cyborg war, an incredibly muscular woman assassin armed with DNA-enhanced fighting skills kills the wrong victim, sparking a deadly battle for redemption.

This film is an experience akin to watching paint dry, except the latter would prove marginally more exciting. The acting skills of bodybuilder Sue Price are a joke and she spends the entire film merely stringing together a series of bodybuilding "pose-down" postures and stances as if she were on stage at Miss Olympia. Although in this case she is wearing even less clothing, which isn't a pretty sight. For the earlier sequels, Price had maintained a degree of femininity on top of her fitness, despite her ample musculature and looked pretty good, but now she seems to have gone overboard and has trained excessively, now unfortunately resembling a man. She is mostly naked here and that doesn't look good, even if you are a fan of bodybuilding. You will find it a bit much, as Price rigidly performs several sexually orientated deaths whilst flexing every muscle she has, except of course for the artificial breasts which look out of place without any muscle striation.

Nemesis 4 or how to make a film in a garden shed and a bombed out, dilapidated town square in Bratislava. This film made good use of a 1 Dollar budget, and still looks cheap. Out of place retro-Russian cars on the rubble strewn streets and some typically Russian looking extras round off a cast of "what were they thinking" actors. You have to feel sorry for Andrew Divoff, as his role is quite awful and not a good choice for him. He is far better in The Wishmaster series, and any fans of that should steer clear of this rotter. The script is loaded with heavy over-exposition of plot and a terrible amount of pointless, dreary and mindless waffle and protracted "talky-bits". There are occasions when the film descends into verbal rambling hell, affording the viewer plenty of time to go make a cup of tea or remove the brain, which would save you watching the rest of the film, which has a similar result.

The "action" is poor to say the least and the combat is pathetic. Sue Price is obviously incapable of fluidic movement now due to her acting by flexing every muscle group method. She poses and stands around in a statuesque manner whilst baring her bum and plastic looking breasts willy nilly and just looks completely false. Professional muscle striation doesn't work well with nothing but a short Marilyn Monroe style dress to contain it, and it certainly doesn't look appealing, even to a bodybuilding fan. There are better female bodybuilders out there who could have done well in this role, Sharon Bruneau, Laura Creavalle and Timea Majorova have impressive physiques but retain their womanly features and look pretty good. Sue Price isn't attractive in her excessively stacked and ripped appearance. The film seems to be an excuse for her to flash her bits about (mind you I suppose if you pay for them you want to get the use out of them don't you) and appear sexy, which fails miserably as her killing by sex is just plain scary. As seductive as a boulder and some of the "sexy antics" are decidedly dodgy to say the least. Somehow whatever and whenever she kills is accompanied by a burst of cheesy blue lightning effects, which is true even when she fires a bullet at a helicopter.

The direction by B-Movie baron Albert Pyun is terrible, this has to be one of his worst film outings. The effects look as though they were done on a Spectrum ZX-81 computer and look just plain bad, the acting is a joke and the whole affair just reeks cheap and nasty. An arduous experience which could leave you without the will to live, there are moments when you could quite happily slit your wrists to end the suffering it is that bad. A mind numbing experience at best.

Nemesis 4 should come with a health warning as this film could seriously damage your brain.


The future has a past (A tagline as pointless as the film)

Rating: 0 out of 5

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