Martial Arts
Naked Killer
Dir: Clarence Ford
Star: Chingmy Yau, Simon Yam, Carrie Ng, Sven Wara Madoka
Cert / Year: 18 - R / 1996
Format: VIDEO

Naked Killer, is a true cult masterpiece of Hong Kong Cinema. Originally released in 1992, Naked Killer justly received a special "Directors uncut edition" in 1996.

Tinam (Simon Yam) is a cop who is trying to ease his way back onto active duty, after an incident which involved the accidental shooting of his brother. The incident left Tinam unable to hold a gun without throwing up, and consequently unable to work for quite a while.

The police are currently investigating a series of professional murders and Tinam now feeling that he is able to return to work, wants the case. Tinam has a theory which isn't shared by his colleagues, which is that the murders a committed by a woman, primarily because all of the victims, who just happen to be men have all had their wedding tackle removed (typical woman!). Although his superiors think he’s gone a bit soft in the head, he gets the case. Then whilst having his hair cut at the local gigilo barbers, Tinam meets Kitty (Chingmy Yau) an attractive, milk drinking, young woman. Tinam takes Kitty out for dinner and after dropping her home, Kitty witnesses her father being stabbed by local crime boss Bee.

The next day Kitty goes to Bee’s offices to avenge her fathers death, after a riotous gun battle Kitty is assisted in her escape by the mysterious Sister Cindy (Wai Yui). Waking up to find she has no fingerprints, a new identity and a future as a professional killer, under Sister Cindy’s wing. To further embroil the plot the murders that Tinam is investigating are the work of Princess, (Carrie Ng) a psychotic, power tripping lesbian hitwoman who was trained by Sister Cindy. Kitty soon starts work as a killer and settles into her new life. But whilst he is investigating a recent murder Tinam has to question an airline stewardess called Vivian Shang, when he sees her he realises that it is Kitty because he has been obsessing about her ever since she disappeared (Muppet!). Kitty denies who she is to Tinam, who is getting pretty desperate to prove her identity and pretty soon everyone who used to know her starts to die. Kitty eventually tells Tinam who she is and tells him that he should keep away from her because he is in danger and she has feelings for him too.(That's enough soppy stuff)

At which point Princess is given a new job, which is to kill Sister Cindy and Kitty.

It is evident over the course of the film that writer/producer Wong Jing drew some of his inspiration from Basic Instinct for this film. Basically an erotic, action thriller, Naked Killer delivers much more than expected and has to be the best of the femme fatale genre. (just ignore the sequal) The direction is pretty flawless and incorporates some dramatic and truly fantastic photography, which is hell bent on keeping the heart pumping at full tilt all the way to the dramatic climax. The fight scenes are amazing, and superbly choreographed. Chingmy Yau is positivly stunning, sometimes referred to as the female Chow Yun-Fat, she seamlessly incorporates a seductive sensuality, with an evident ability in martial arts with ease, attractive and a real pleasure to watch. (She is worth looking out for in City Hunter) Simon Yam is good as the troubled cop Tinam, and when he goes....he posesses an acrobatic athleticism which amplifies some of the stunning action sequences. Superb performance from Carrie Ng, as Princess, although occassionally a little camp she is excellent. All adding to the atmospherically stylish, furnace of femme fatale action, that is Naked Killer.

Naked Killer is an Asian film, so be warned, that it is subtitled. In addition don't expect lots of naked flesh, that isn't what this film is about. The occassional nudity is non-obtrusive and never excessive, and only serves to heighten the eroticism of the film, and not control it. (Basically speaking this isn't a pervy film)

Naked Killer is a cult classic, brilliantly written and directed and as such deserves to be seen. The inclusion of the deleted scenes is great and several characters are allowed to develop a lot better and this helps to raise the intensity of the film.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Reviewed by Logan Back Top Home