Dir: Keitaro Motonaga
Star: (Voice) Yukie Yamada, & Various vocal talents
Cert / Year: 18 - NR / 2000
Format: DVD R0

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In a future world, prostitute robot dolls search for clients in deserted streets. Their clients however have all been wiped out long ago. In this world devoid without a living human soul, the machines give purpose to their existence by trying to continue as if things were normal until they break down that is. In this useless world is Malice@Doll, a prostitute in need of repair who sets off to find the 'repairer', but eventually finds something else and awakens a completely new woman. She has been unbelievably modified and is forced to face attack by her former friends as she is now.... human.

The story is a slightly twisted Pinocchio-esque offering, albeit in a surreal and probably recreational drug induced manner. There are a couple of tiny, 'tentacle sex moments', but nothing to compare to real Anime / Manga and especially Urotsoduki: Legend of the Overfiend. This just can't hold its own against real Manga and is a poor offering alongside the likes of A.L.i.Ce or Blood and the animation is not a patch on Final Fantasy (even allowing for the budgetary differences). This is a painfully low budget affair with a thin and often confusing story, which begins as one thing and ends as another. You get the impression that this is intended to be Manga for Dummies as the distinct 'idiot anime' feel is portrayed by the incessant, monogramatic dialogue which rapidly becomes very repetitive and boring as it waffles on aimlessly.

Malice@Doll unfortunately, lacks any real innovation, excitement or intelligence. There is a distinct lack of visual flair and the film doesn't even have an attractive anime art quality to it. Added to which, much of the imagery is just plain flat, black or gloomy. The film is slow and the pacing is sluggish with some jittery and grainy animation exhibitting some unimpressive rendering. One or two nice character designs but there is no hook to grab you, no flash / bang or compelling plot to hold your attention and entertain, no coherent pay off to fulfil your viewing entertainment, and minimal artistic fancy.

Filmed in Manga-Dark-O-Vision, Malice@Doll has some protracted periods of blackness and general gloom (to save having to render too much obviously). A bizarre little cinematic event with some decidedly surreal moments but overall is lacking punch, depth, atmosphere and a cohesive story, which makes this pretty hard going. This is disappointing and a poor example of CG Anime and not something I could recommend.


I am a doll and I will give you a kiss...

Rating: 1 out of 5

Picture 4.3 Fullframe Dark and grainy image, often sloppy rendering.
Audio Dolby Digital 2.0 Not a terrible soundtrack but lacks depth to the sound.
Features 'Final Fantasies' - A history of CG animation seminar footage from a UK convention
Character model gallery
Interview with director Keitaro Motonaga & Writer Chiaki J Konaka
Filmographies & Biographies.
3 Trailers for other ArtsmagicDVD releases.
Verdict A poor transfer but some interesting extras. Not a bad presentation at all..... apart from the film

Rating: 2 out of 5

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