Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
Dir: George Miller
Star: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Virginia Hey, Mike Preston
Cert / Year: 18 R / 1981
Format: VIDEO

An all time classic film, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is the second and undoubtibly the best installment of the Mad Max Trilogy. Where the first film ends with Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) driving his V8 Interceptor into the night, Mad Max 2 starts with him driving the car along a desert highway a couple of years later, whilst being chased by some scavengers who want his "guzzline" whom he promptly sets up and beats in his own inimitable fashion.

Further on down the highway Max happens across a Gyrocopter pilot (Bruce Spence), who leads him to a heavily defended oil refinery which is currently beseiged by ruthless gang leader and all round bad egg Lord Humungous (bald, steroided up freaky person) who wants to get his hands on the fuel, stored in the refinery. To cut a long story short Max gets into the refinery and ends up aiding the beseiged occupants in their plight and doing battle with Humungous and his gang. I don't want to give too much away, because if you haven't seen this film... you must or if the last time you watched it you were still in school, you should watch it again.

Mad Max 2 is superbly shot, with some stunning photography and superb action choreography. George Miller's stark and sombre vision of a post-apocalyptic world is truly disturbing, as with Mad Max, the film is very dramatic and grand and there are elements that you can't help but find chillingly poigniant. The fact that the human race are now murderous scavengers, and Max is now resigned to the fact of what he is and no longer a cop on the edge wrestling with himself as he was in MAD MAX, he now knows that he is a survivor in every sense of the word and he can make a difference. All three films are a must to see, and personally I think every home should have them, Mad Max 3 - Beyond Thunderdome however is rather dissappointing when compared to The Road Warrior as it lacks the momentum and raw power of its predecessor, not to mention the vaccuous Tina Turner in that frightful wig uttering the cringeworthy line "He's just a raggedy man" really gets up your nose.

The opening commentary to Mad Max 2 does explain a lot that wasn't covered in the first film, primarily the cause of the apocalypse and some of the recent history. Cult movie mainstay Mike Preston (The New Doug McClure) puts in a respectable performance as does Virginia Hey. The rest of the cast is recognizable from some Aussie Television and "Wez" is better in Commando but Mel Gibson is in his element reprising his role of Max.

Bearing in mind the age of this film you will undoubtidly be surprised to see that it holds up as well now if not better than some of the more recent films of the genre, a true masterpiece you will be very hard pressed indeed to find a film nowadays that is as well written, directed and made as this, and certainly not one that hold up to the test of time like Mad Max 2 (20 years this year)

Mad Max 2, won the Saturn Award (The Academy of Sci-Fi) for Best International Film, and was also nominated for a HUGO for the Best Dramatic Presentation. It also won the Australian Film Industry Awards for Costume Design, Best Direction, Sound, Editing and Production Design.

Mad Max 2 is a powerful and memorable film, one of the true Sci-Fi classics. An absolute Must See!!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Reviewed by Logan Back Top Home