Horror SciFi
Dir: George P. Cosmatos
Star: Peter Weller, Amanda Pays, Richard Crenna, Ernie Hudson
Cert / Year: 18 - R / 1989
Format: DVD R1

At one point Hollywood decided to remake all of it's classic sci-fi movies setting them underwater. Thus we had The Abyss (Close Encounters), Deep Star Six (Alien) and Leviathan which roughly equates to John Carpenter's The Thing.

The Plot consists of the usual bunch of underwater miners working from a underwater base (Ok so why in the future is everyone who works underwater are miners). During their mining they find a sunken Russian ship, which they loot. Warning signs like the vessel being listed still on active service, or the fact that it was torpedoed by the Russians themselves, or even the genetic mutations in the sickbay are ignored as the miners drink some stolen Russian vodka. Promptly people start dying in a flesh melting manner, as genetic mutants chase the remaining crew. Abandoned to their fate by the mining company will they survive and escape?

Ok lets get this out of the way, I really like this film. So it is not as big budget as The Abyss, but the rarely does the limited resources show. The main cash has obviously been spent on the sets and the great Stan Winston effects. The creatures range from rubbery immobile to pretty convincing (best that could be expected pre CGI). The sets are great with everything exploding, collapsing, and generally falling to pieces. The implosion of the mining shack is especially well done.

The cast are a good mix of TV / B movie regulars and do a fine job, but does anyone else have problem imagining the beautiful Amanda Pays as a miner! Peter Weller is a fine star for an action based movie (he really does have the range of Robocop, so its better to have something to distract the audience), but boy does he look ugly when he smiles. Special mention has to be made for Richard (Rambo) Crenna who plays the obligatory cynical doctor.

The movie zips along at a pace and while there are no major surprises (this really is a monster by numbers movie) you are left with a jolly enjoyable hour and a half of action. Yes there are cliche's a plenty, but the eye candy does a fine job of distraction, and the script is never bad or intrusive. If you liked The Thing, and are not expecting state of the art effects, then you will enjoy this movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Picture 2.35:1 Anamorphic Excellent picture
Audio Dolby Surround Very good sound mix, check out the creaks of the mining shack.
Features Trailer
Bizarre animated menus with a little dancing diving suit
Verdict Good transfer but naff all extras. What is it with that dancing diving suit?

Rating: 1 out of 5

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