Comedy - Just about
Return of the Killer Tomatoes
Dir: John De Bello
Star: John Astin, Karen Mistal, George Clooney, Anthony Starke, J. Stephen Peace
Cert / Year: 15 - R / 1988
Format: DVD R2

It has been 10 years since the original Killer Tomato attack was squashed, by the hapless hero Wilbur Finletter (J. Stephen Peace). Finletter's nephew Chad (Anthony Starke) and his best friend Matt (George Clooney) live the good life of making pizza without tomato based sauces and trying to pull women. Chad falls in love with Tara (Karen Mistal) the sexy resident at a house he delivers pizza to, without realising that she is in fact a.... tomato woman!!!
The crazed evil geneticist Professor Gangreen (John Astin) has devised a fiendish plot to take over the world by creating a race of mighty Rambo lookalike tomato warriors by using music to transform the harmless looking red skins into dastardly warriors. Unfortunately, Professor Gangreen hadn't counted on his wanton tomato babe running off and falling in love with moped riding pizza boy Chad, or the fact that he would be willing to brave toxic waste, furry tomato mutants, ninjas, Playboy models, cheesy newsmen or product placement to rescue her from becoming Ketchup.

Just your every day tale of Boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy discovers girl is really a killer tomato cunningly transformed by music into a gorgeous woman, capable of more than 600 sexual positions... and you should see what she can do with 6 milk bottles and a tuning fork.

The story is literally a joke and a bit of fun poking at the old sci-fi B movies not to mention a couple of shots at film making practices. Matte painting and product placement come under heavy fire in particular but lead to some funny moments. The title is a major indicator that this isn't a serious film so don't expect to see one because this is just for fun and in a similar style to Troma. There is plenty of playing up to the camera and the cast obviously don't take the thing seriously and are having a great time making it. Even though this is quite a bad film, you just can't help laughing at this utterly ridiculous little adventure and it proves to be better than it really deserves to be.

This is of course a purile, idiotic and senseless bout of no brain entertainment and as such it is funny and entertaining as long as you don't mind leaving your brain at the door on the way in and settling for dumb humour. There is a bevy of beautiful girls who creep in here and there. Oh did I say creep in. Silly me, I mean bound across the screen in an almost Benny Hill stylee, clad in bikinis for several "chick shots" with the narrative or legend "When beautiful girls / tomatoes go down to the beach..." Basic and immature I know but it works well to hold any wandering attention spans firmly on the screen. There is even a farcical melee between ninjas, cowboys and bikers as they trash a pizza parlour, which is just so silly and ridiculous that you laugh at the general awfulness of it.

The cast is third rate, as you would expect with a B movie. A young George Clooney makes his early acting debut and is hammy and amusing. The film is possibly worth watching if only to see the Clooney mullet and a pre-ER performance. Fans (if there is such a thing) of Repossessed will recognize Anthony Starke as the "hero" Chad but he is really cheesy here and he appears to be engaging in a "Who can be the hammiest actor" contest with Clooney. Tomato babe Tara is played by 80's pin up Karen Mistal who is rather sexy but terribly wooden. She is quite a "hottie" but no actress, although in her defence you aren't likely to be watching her for her acting ability here. The fabulous John Astin and original Gomez Addams from the Addams Family TV series camps it up to good effect as the "evil" Doctor Gangreen. No matter what role he plays, he always manages to be playing the same one, that of Gomez Addams and he even wears an original suit from the show, which is cool. The best performance of the film has to be by "FT", the bizarre little mutant tomato who is like a cross between a critter and a tribble.

The film ends with a plug for a sequel in France, but I think this could become a tiresome format very quickly. This film is silly and terribly cheesy, but works well if only as no brain purile entertainment. If you want more engaging humour then you'll have to look elsewhere because the only thing this is missing is fart and knob gags.


The vegetables of doom return! They're bad and this time they're really stewed!


"Oh, excuse me, have we had a car chase yet?"

The girl of my dreams is a vegetable!

Rating: 1 out of 5

Picture 4.3 Not a bad transfer but widescreen would have been nice
Audio Dolby Digital 2.0 Dull stereo soundtrack
Features Static menu
Verdict Dreadful presentation, but this was never going to get a big release. Some extras would have been nice, even a trailer maybe.

Rating: 0 out of 5

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