Dir: Doug Liman
Star: Katie Holmes, Taye Diggs, Desmond Askew, Jay Mohr
Cert / Year: 18 - R / 1999
Format: DVD

Go is a black comedy about a group of teenagers who live their lives on the edge. The film is mainly split into three parts, based on the different paths the teenagers take.

Checkout girl Ronna (the superb Sarah Polley) is out to get some quick cash, otherwise she will get evicted from her apartment. Mad Brit Simon (Desmond Askew)(who used to star in British kids show Grange Hill!) is out for a good time with his mates, and Las Vegas is just the tonic. Finally, American television soap stars Adam (Scott Wolf) and Zack (Jay Mohr) are out to get themselves free from the clutches of the law after a spot of bother with the local police force. This leads to the one thing linking the whole film together.........drugs.

In the first section we see Ronna swap checkout shifts with Simon in order to get some more cash, which leaves Simon free to go on his crazy weekend jaunt to Las Vegas. However, Ronna as well as swapping shifts, also by chance takes on Simon's role as a small time local drug dealer assisted by her friend Claire (Katie Holmes) (who is rather wasted in the film, considering her top billing). Ronna sees this as a way of making some quick cash, so here we are introduced to Adam and Zack, along with the menacing (or is he?) big gun drug dealer Todd (Timothy Olyphant).

The story then moves on to Las Vegas where we meet Simon's three friends, one of which is Marcus (Taye Diggs) (The House on Haunted Hill) who appears to be the most level headed of them all and who is surprisingly quite entertaining in the film (don't miss the black jokes!). It is here that Simon basically instigates all their mishaps and disasters, leading to a great roller coaster of a ride around Las Vegas with numerous twists and turns to the story. Look out for the lap dance section, it is particularly entertaining and not in the way that your thinking plus a good car chase.

There is then a more detailed section involving Adam, Zack and Burke played with great sleaziness by William Fichtner. The dinner and bedroom scenes here are very weird to the say the least, but I'll leave you to make your own judgement on them!

I've read some reviews of this movie and heard it basically described as a watered down Pulp Fiction with teens. However, maybe the Director realised this, so take a look at one of the deleted scenes on the disc. The comparisons are rather an unfair criticism of the film as they are hardly noticeable. This is partly due to the excellent script by John August which is witty, dramatic and grabs your attention all the way through. The Director, Doug Liman keeps the film flowing with a great pace and keeps it linking together nicely. I haven't seen any other films made by him, but he has made one called Swingers which has received good reviews so that is definitely one for my "To See" list.

However, the real stars here are the young cast, especially as I mentioned earlier, Sarah Polley who is surely destined for greater things. The cast take their roles by the scruff of the neck and you can actually feel that they are enjoying what they are doing, which only adds to the whole credibility of the film. This is a great film which as long as you don't compare it with other movies you will enjoy it emmensely. Just follow the pot (sorry plot) and enjoy the trip (sorry, I had to get some drug jokes in here somewhere!). I recommend this film as it has everything it's funny, crazy, dramatic, sincere and has even got some slapstick thrown in. Just GO and see it!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Picture 2:35.1 Excellent
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 Excellent.
Behind the scenes Featurette (A bit disappointing, it could have been longer with more actual behind the scenes footage).
Director's Commentary I always think it's good to have a commentary. At least it shows the director is making an effort with the DVD and not just left it to rot.
Filmographies. Nothing brilliant, standard fare really.
International Trailer. Nothing to say, I hate trailers on DVDs as they have no real value and I wish the film companies would stop putting them on the discs.
3 x Music Videos which are very Good with one by the cast itself. Excellent stuff!
Deleted Scenes. Very good selection of deleted scenes, which give you a bit more insight into the movie.
Verdict Good disc with a fair amount of extras. However, I couldn't fully test the sound as I haven't got the most amazing sound system in the world!

Rating: 3 out of 5

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