Evil Toons
Dir: Fred Olen Ray
Star: Monique Gabrielle, David Carradine, Stacy Nix, Dick Miller
Cert / Year: 18 - R / 1990
Format: DVD R1

Four buxom college girls, Megan (Monique Gabrielle), Roxanne (Madison Stone), Jan (Stacy Nix) and Terry (Suzanne Ager) are hired to spend a weekend in a creepy old mansion to clean it ready for new owners who move in on Monday. Upon arrival at the house the senior "girl" Terry, informs her pals that the house has a history of "mayhem and madness", which apparently includes previous owners disappearing into thin air. Undeterred, the girls start cleaning in the basement, where they come across a battered old chest with a strange tag on it with an eerie warning. Naturally the girls open the chest and find a jagged knife. That night a strange man dressed in black and wearing a large brimmed hat (David Carradine) delivers a package to the girls. The girls open the package to discover a strange skin covered book full of bizarre and hideously monsterous drawings accompanied by "ancient Latin" text. Megan, the token "geek" manages to roughly translate some of the writing, which seem to be some sort of demon invocation. Later that night as Megan, Terry and Jan are in bed, Roxanne stays up for her boyfriend so she can have some fun. Thats before she finds out that they have all released a demon from his cartoon prison within the book. The animated demon now has a thirst for blood, and an even greater thirst for naked girls. The demon espys/pervs away whilst Roxanne tries on some lingerie before he eventually attacks and fondles her. After successfully doing away with Roxanne the demon manages to disguise itself as her and starts to kill off any visitors to the house throughout the night. As the demon eventually turns its attention toward the remaining girls they have to discover the secrets of the book and find a way to send the beast back...........

Rarely do you find a film that is so bad and unabashedly terrible that it appears to revel in and exploit the fact. That is exactly what you get with Evil Toons. So firmly is the tongue in cheek for this film that it's cheesy, corny and generally poor presentation are it's most endearing qualities. At the most basic level the film is merely a excuse to show plenty of T & A and little else besides. The story is virtually non-existant, and generally relies on many other movies for support. The female cast is comprised of "adult movie" actresses including Barbara Dare who uses her real name of Stacy Nix for her role. Olen Ray even gives his girlfriend at the time Suzanne Ager a starring role in the film. Lets face it a majority of the cast are adult actresses and they are not particuarly renowned for their acting ability, so that in mind should be a good indication of what you are getting. The "acting" is truly awful, and with the screen filled with mammaries galore the girls serve their purpose and provide some distracting eye candy, although I don't imagine that the acting talents of the girls are likely to be the focus of attention for some viewers.

There aren't really "Toons" as such but there could have been as the book from whence the beast came is basically a graphic novel edition of the Necronomicon, so there was some potential. But in the end you are left with the single horny and humourous animated toon. For the meagre budget of $140,000.00 that Olen Ray managed to raise to make the film, he has squeezed most of it into the Animation effect. The effects are far from impressive and the animation is a bit ropey to say the least but it does give the film a certain low budget look and feel. Cashing in on the success of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? the film makers decided to make a more "mature" movie which featured the "toon" leching, ogling and perving after the girls before he promptly rips her clothes off. The "toon" only gets a few minutes on-screen which is a pity, as some of the toon scenes are quite funny in a low brow sort of way. The more established cast members i.e; David Carradine, Dick Miller and Arte Johnson really camp up their individual roles and as a result a virtually unwatchable. Carradine is completely ridiculous as the creepy old guy in the hat, and makes you cringe at the supreme awfulness of it. Especially when you compare it to the supporting performances of Miller & Johnson who leer their way through as the obligatory pervy old men.

Fred Olen Ray is basically a shallow, poor mans version of Ed Wood and Roger Corman. That could be construed as a backhanded compliment but I will let the viewer decide on that one. Like a great many of his movies Evil Toons is pointless, idiotic and purile but the humour is firmly in the gutter (which is possibly where the film should be) which may well be a large part of the appeal. I have to admit, that I did quite like this film. I found it extremely silly, fun in places and despite the general awfullness of it all, quite entertaining even if it is only for a short time. You may need to have a gutteral sense of humour or be very, very drunk or perhaps just in the mood to watch something "mind numbing" and silly. But as long as you don't expect too much from the film and you aren't offended by topless women floundering across the screen you just might like it.

Rating: 0 out of 5

Picture 1.85:1 Poor 35mm transfer
Audio Mono Soundtrack Unimpressive even for a B-Movie
Strange little making of oratory by Fred Olen Ray
Still picture Gallery
Perplexing special offers menu
Verdict The intro to the movie by Olen Ray is weird but it is immediately follwed by a bizarre topless wrestling match which is refereed by Olen Ray and involves several of his "ladies". On the whole the disc is far from impressive and is only marginally better than the video.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Reviewed by Logan Back Top Home