Bruce Almighty
Dir: Tom Shadyac
Star: Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman
Cert / Year: 12A - PG13 / 2003
Format: DVD R2

Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is deep down a good man unfortunately he has let society turn him into a selfish jerk. Instead of realizing the problems in his life are down to him he takes the easy option and blames God (Morgan Freeman). However it comes as a real shock to him to find out that God was listening and has decided to take him up on the claim that he could run things better. Will he be able to cope with his newfound divinity or is this a case of careful what you wish for you might just get it.

Jim Carrey is one of those actors you either love or hate. He has shown a flair for in your face over the top tom foolery that either appeals or appalls. However with the Truman Show he displayed an acting talent few thought he possessed. Unfortunately Bruce Almighty leans back towards slapstick that made his career, and as such probably won't change anybody's preconceived ideas about him.

The good news is that this is a very funny film, and one in which the humor is not ruined by over sentimentalisation. Yes this film has the morale that be careful what you wish for you might just get it, but this is handled with a good helping of comedy and a minimal pinch of smaltz. Ok so the ending is predictable and borders on the cheezy, but reliable performances and a good script ensures that the film never quite sells out.

Despite what you may think of him Jim Carrey excels is the lovable zany guy roles and few posses his comic timing in the more physical side of the comedy. He provides us which an average bloke who is a victim of modern society. When he doesn't get what he wants Morgan Freeman's excellently sadistic God decides to teach him a lesson. Deep down I had always had a deep suspicion that Morgan Freeman was God and this movie proves it. Avoiding offending religion the God on offer here is Smart, funny, and has a prankish sense of humor. An outstanding performance that really holds the film together. What about Jennifer Aniston? Well she isn't exactly pushed by this post Rachel character. She is acceptable but doesn't offer anything other than a friends-a-like performance.

What would an average bloke do with the power of God. Well in Bruce's case it involves parting his soup and making his girlfriends boobs bigger. Giving the power of God to a John Doe is a great idea and this script makes the most of it. The comedy starts from Bruce's initial television interview, building with his breakdown ,but really hits top gear when he gets his powers. This is a film that really gets the belly laughs, it does slow down a little at the end, but by then it won't matter so much.

Bruce Almighty is a funny comedy. It far superior to the similarly themed Liar Liar and a real return to form for Jim Carrey. If your not a Jim Carrey fan then I'm not sure this will change your mind. However if you can buy his brand of over the top humor then this is a real gem. Great performances form the two main leads and a funny script ensure that it all works well, and the smaltz levels are kept to a minimum. Bruce Almighty might not be a divine comedy but it is devilishly good fun.


He's got the power.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Picture 1.85:1 Anamorphic A nice crisp colourful piture.
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 Good but won't push your boundaries.
Features Commentary from director Tom Shadyac
Deleted Scenes
Making of Featurette
Verdict A good transfer but a little light on extras.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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