horror / comedy
Bride of Chucky
Dir: Ronny Yu
Star: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Katherine Heigl, John Ritter, Nick Stabile
Cert / Year: 18 R / 1998
Format: DVD - R 2

10 years after Chucky, (voice of Brad Dourif) the doll possessed by the psychopathic spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray is killed and carved up again. Charles Lee Ray's ex-girlfriend, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) manages to persuade a police officer to retrieve the pieces of Chucky's body from a police storage facility for her so she can attempt to bring him back again from the dead. Once in posession of Chucky's dismembered body Tiffany uses a voodoo spell (which she gets from "Voodoo for Dummies") to resurrect the deranged spirit of her long dead boyfriend which doesn't appear to work and after an amusing menage-a-troi with Chucky, Tiffany's new boyfriend Damien (Alexis Arquette) (a dodgy looking Marilyn Manson wannabe) is surprised to see the red headed doll come to life.

It turns out that Tiffany is under the impression that she and Chucky are engaged because she found the ring he had left at her place the night he was originally shot by police and transformed his spirit into the doll. Unfortunately Chucky had acquired the ring from one of his victims and merely forgot that he had left it at Tiffany's and finds it quite amusing that she thought they were engaged. Enraged and disappointed by her foolishness and Chucky's attitude she locks Chucky in a play pen, from which he escapes and kills her, immediately transferring her spirit into another doll. In order for them both to transfer their spirits back into a human form they must retrieve a sacred amulet that Chucky was wearing when he was shot as a human and was buried with his corpse. As two dolls travelling across the country would be somewhat difficult Tiffany enlists the help of her neighbour Jesse, (Nick Stabile) who is having a few problems with his girlfriend Jade (Katherine Heigl). The problem being that her guardian is her uncle Warren (John Ritter) who not liking Jesse, and being the chief of police uses his position to make matters very difficult for the couple and effectively stops them from seeing each other.

Lets face it the Childs Play series had gotten pretty stagnant to say the least, and was going down the road of the flogged dead horse. But I must admit that this film is something else, and much more a comedy than a horror film. Intermittently laced with jibes at other sequel plagued movies, in addition to a superb piece of dialogue at one point in the film from Chucky about his own sequels. The film doesn't take itself too seriously as a horror film which is good because the story is quite amusing and is a more entertaining film than the last two sequels, you will hear more laughing than screaming.

Reasonable performances all around and what you see of Jennifer Tilly (Bound) is as always most watchable, but her vocal talents as the doll are fantastic. Cult movie looney Brad Dourif as always has a psychotic overtone in his voice, which is evident with all of his roles and lends Chucky a much more biting edge to his humour. Katherine Heigl (Under Seige 2) is better known for her work on the TV series Roswell High than her movie work, but is watchable and works well with puppets, speaking of which surely the casting director could have found someone with some ability to play the part of Jesse instead of the pitiful Nick Stabile. I refuse to comment upon the performance of Alexis Arquette other than just how many of them are there in the Arquette family anyway?! Surprisingly good direction from newcomer Ronny Yu (a former protege of John Woo no less) and he captures some comedic elements very well, and who would have thought it possible to eroticise demonic doll sex. On the whole the film is well shot and has a little action and the odd explosion but the bizarre and generally surreal special effects work of Kevin Yagher (The Nightmare on Elm Street series, Sleepy Hollow) is most welcome. Yagher, the man responsible for designing Chucky in the original Childs Play film really lets rip and his modifications for this film are great, making the doll's look superb.

Generally a quite funny film with a smattering of Blondie thrown in for good measure, it is a lot more entertaining than the previous sequels and definately much more fun, unlikely that it will scare you it will make you laugh.


Chucky, gets lucky.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Picture 16.9 Widescreen Good quality image
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 Pretty cool
Features Animated menus
Audio commentary track by director Ronny Yu
Very funny audio commentary by stars Jennifer Tilly and Brad Dourif with the occasional assistance of screenwriter Don Mancini.
A small picture gallery
Production notes
Jennifer Tilly's location diary
UK TV spots
Theatical trailer
Cast & Crew biographies
Bizarre short film entitled "Chucky & Tiffany Do London" which is very similar to something you'd see on Troma TV which is quite funny even if the presenter is annoying.
Verdict A very good disc with lots of pointless extras, just what you what from a silly horror film like this.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Also included on the disc is a quite