Dir: Kazuyoshi Katayama
Cert / Year: 15 - R / 1994
Format: Video

The super city of Olympus is a post apocalyptic utopian society created after the third world war in the hope of being a perfect society. Governed and controlled by a super computer called "Gaia" the city is a mix of humans and Biodroids/cyborgs and with Gaia running every aspect of the city it provides the inhabitants of Olympus with everything that it thinks they need within the city's massive domes.

The city is plagued by a spate of increasingly daring terrorist attacks in the name of freedom, by individuals who are un-satisfied with the total control that Gaia holds over the city. After one of these attacks one of the terrorists escapes leaving a trail of dead police officers and O.P.D - S.W.A.T. (Olympus Police Department - Special Weapons And Tactics) team members Deunan Knut and her cyborg partner Buliarios swear to avenge the deaths of their comrades. During the raid the plans for Gaia's latest weapon are stolen by the terrorist who intends to use the "Multipede Cannon" (which looks a little like a "probe droid" from Empire Strikes Back) against the city and Gaia in a bid to secure freedom for the oppressed masses in Olympus.

I would like to say right now that Appleseed is not the best Manga film available, but it is quite impressive and features some excellent animation as well as some not so excellent. For anyone who doesn't know much Manga, (which is massive in Japan and primarily mature reading material) Appleseed is taken from the comic book created by Masamune Shirow the Japanese artist behind Anime classics such as Dominion Tank Police and Ghost in The Shell. The comic is the story of Police officer Deunan Knut and her partner Buliarios who were rescued from the wasteland outside of Olympus and "placed" in a productive and prominent position in the community of the super city. Loaded with action it tells of their exploits in the battle against crime and terrorism in the city of dreams.

Although not one of the best of the Appleseed stories of which there are a many that would have been better, it is nonetheless a slick and action packed anime. Some of the animation is repeated on occasion which can be annoying but Appleseed is full of explosions, gunfights, chases and technology, and it does deliver what you would expect but I personally feel that Ghost In The Shell is done a lot better. The English language dubbing is as usual, slightly bemusing at times and does tend to be quite funny without being ridiculous unlike some live action film dubbing. It is a shame that not as much money was spent or as much attention to detail was given to Appleseed as was to some other Masamune Shirow works.

A Strong but a little dissappointing film.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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