Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Dir: Tom Shadyac
Star: Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox, Sean Young, Tone Loc, Dan Marino
Cert / Year: 12 - PG13 / 1994
Format: DVD R2

When Snowflake the dolphin mascot of an American football team is kidnapped pet detective Ace Ventura is called. Unconventional to the point of insanity Ace sets about searching for the missing mammal, but things spiral out of control when the team coach is murdered and Dan Marino the star quarterback is also kidnapped. With the local cops, killer sharks, and even the odd psycho or two after him Ace will have to be on his game to solve the case. But never fear Ace is the best pet detective there is; in fact he is the only pet detective there is.

I've said it before but Jim Carrey is a guy who's manic style of comedy you either love or hate. More recently he has demonstrated real acting credentials in films like The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind but in the early days it was all about over the top comic insanity. Ace Ventura was the character that started it all. Before this film Jim Carrey was a little heard of actor appearing in bit parts in films like Earth Girls are Easy, but after this film was a surprise hit he was hot property with it defining the style he is known for.

The degree that you will enjoy this film is just how much you enjoy Jim Carrey's comic antics. He is the center of the film, and as Ace he is one crazy guy. The character of Ace is really over the top. He is Fletch on acid. Never serious, and rarely stationary he is a frenetic mass of silliness. Yet if you can buy into these over blown antics you will find that Ace is a character that is hard to hate. Yes he is ridiculous but he possesses a level of fun that is infectious. Jim Carrey is a brilliant choice to bring him to life because he fits the role like a glove, and as such he ensures the movie is a real winner. Ok so it's all rather childish but if you enjoy simply humor then this is it at it's best.

The story itself is a standard enough in a post Fletch way. It has enough comic situations and action to keep the things moving along nicely. There is just enough real danger hidden in the plot twists to keep the madness in check, and yet there are plenty of laughs and even moments of cartoon like comedy. It has to be said that the final plot twist is just plain stupid and due to the casting doesn't work, but by then it maybe doesn't matter so much.

Apart from Carrey there is a great turn from a much younger Courtney Cox, who provides a good straight woman to Ace's lunacy. Sean Young is effective in the role yet it is her casting that causes the final twist nor to work. It must be said it's not her fault as up until that point she is great. The only real let down is Tone Loc who shows a distinct lack of acting ability. Also worth mentioning are Troy Evans and Udo Kier who do well in smaller supporting roles.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective is an immature yet funny movie. It won't appeal to everyone but if this sort of comedy is for you then its whole ball of fun. Solid direction from Tom Shadyac keeps the pace frenetic, yet he never loses control (he works well with Carrey as they went on to make Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty together). Jim Carrey may have proved since that he can seriously act, but here we see what he does best. There is a sequel Ace Ventura When Nature Calls that suffers from being just that bit too silly, and a cartoon series that despite the lack of Carrey's voice was rather entertaining. However if you want to catch Ace at his funniest or you just fancy some stupid fun then this movie has it all.


He's the best there is! (Actually, he's the only one there is.)


Ace Ventura: If I'm not back in five minutes. Just wait longer.

Lt. Einhorn: Don't worry Ventura we'll find the porpoise.
Ace Ventura: Whew, now I feel better. 'Course, that might not do any good you see nobody's missing a porpoise. It's a dolphin that's been taken. The common harbor porpoise has an abrupt snout, pointed teeth and a triangular thoracic fin. While the bottlenose dolphin, or Tursiops truncates, has an elongated beak, round cone shaped teeth and a serrated dorsal appendage. But I'm sure you already knew that. That's what turns me on about 'cha, your attention to detail.

Ace Ventura: Allrighty then!

Rating: 3 out of 5

Picture 1.85:1 Little grain but pretty good.
Audio Dolby Surround It's not 5.1 but is well used surround.
Features Nowt
Verdict Fine transfer, and urm that's it.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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