World War 2 Film Quiz

What is it good for absolutely nothing, War.

Ok now you horrible lot, this is your Sergeant Major speaking. It's time to see what you worthless dirt bags know. I'm talking about an intelligence test, a test of your knowledge or World War 2 movies. So hurry up and identify the following film posters and then answer the questions. If you do not impress me you will all be on lavatory detail for a month. Well what are you waiting for step to it!

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1: In which film did the characters Oddball, Big Joe, and Crap Game conspire with a German tiger tank crew to steal Nazi gold?

2: Just what is the Big Red One?

3: What was the name of the town that the Bridge Too Far was situated in?

4: Who played Patton in the movie of the same name?

5: What is Lancaster Bomber 617 Squadron famous for?

6: What were the nicknames of Captain Virgil Hiltz, Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett, and Flight Lt. Danny Velinski in The Great Escape?

7: If you where Richard Burton or Clint Eastwood how would you get into the mountain fortress the Schloss Adler?

8: What type of soldier was Vassili Zaitsev in Enemy at the Gates, and in which city is the film set?

9: Who directed the ultimate submarine movie Das Boot?

10: Tora Tora Tora is a film about which event?

11: What is the meaning of the de de de dum sound heard at the start of the film The Longest Day?

12: Who led a dozen prisoners on a suicide mission to assassinate German officers?

13: What does the film title Ice Cold in Alex refer to?

14: In Saving Private Ryan where did the Ryan brothers die?

15: Which Nazi scientist created clones of Hitler in the film The Boys from Brazil?

16: In Hero's from Telemark agents were sent to destroy a German factory. What did the factory make and in which country is Telemark?

17: In Windtalkers why were the Native American troops so important?

18: Who links the films The Battle of Britain, The Eagle has Landed and A Bridge Too Far?

19: What did Alec Guinness and Jack Hawkins build in the jungle only to see it get blown up?

20: What did the Allies want with U571?

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