Plot Summary Quiz

Well Logan and I have been playing this little movie quiz game recently. The rules go like this: One person thinks up a plot summary for a film in three words or less (these words are not allowed to include any used in the films title), the other then has to guess. Take it in turns to do this and keep score to see who wins.

Try it if you like, but first have a crack at some we thought up earlier.

3 Word or Less Plot Summaries

Plot Summary: Film Title:
Fairytale space opera .
Archaeologist defeats Nazis .
Hockey mask slasher .
Cartoon swamp monster .
DeLoren time machine .
Shark attack .
German submarine movie .
Cute until midnight .
Monkeys rule earth .
Heist with Minis .
Star Wars Spoof .
Terrorists capture skyscraper .
Psychopathic doll .
Arctic monster .
Arnie's robotic killer .
Defecting Russian submarine .
Python's messiah .
Telekinetic school girl .
Time travelling midgets .
Refrigerated Super warriors .
Burning Skyscraper .
Giant ants .
Puppet Scrooge .
Knife fingered maniac .
Undersea friendly aliens .
Paranormal exterminators .
Post apocalyptic cop .
Bond in space .
Headless Horseman .
Battleship Die Hard .

Time to see how you scored.

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