The Simpsons Quiz

Ok so it's the longest running cartoon series on television but just how much do you know about the inhabitants of Springfield?

First of all identify the characters pictured below, then have a crack at the questions.


1: Who created the Simpsons?

2: What is the Simpson's cat called?

3: What was Marge Simpson's Maiden Name?

4: Name the neighbouring town that Springfield hates?

5: How is Hershel Krustofski better known?

6: Who founded the town of Springfield?

7: What is Patti and Selma's pet lizard called?

8: Who is the Police chief in Springfield?

9: Which two space aliens appear in the show in each Halloween episode?

10: What tragedy caused the Simpson's religious neighbour Ned Flanders to question his faith?

11: Which double act are Homers friends from work?

12: Name the Simpson kid's favourite cartoon?

13: What nationality is Groundskeeper Willie?

14: Who is the long suffering assistant to Montgomery Burns?

15: Which voice artist on the Simpsons appeared in the movies Godzilla and The Mystery Men?

16: What is Homers favourite tipple?

17: Stampy and Pinchy where both at one time Simpson pets but what type of creatures where they?

18: Who shot Mr Burns?

19: The Simpsons started life as a segment of which comedy show?

20: The character Rainier Wolfcastle plays is the star of which series of movies in the Simpsons?

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