Master of the Universe Sci-fi Quiz

This is a toughie for all you sci-fi fans out there. Give it a go and report back your high scores. Then we will see who is the master of the universe.

What we want to know is the answer to the ulitmate question of life, the universe, and everything.

Let battle commence.

1: Who was the crazed military commander chasing John Crichton in series one of Farscape?

2: Name the two survivors from the Nostromo in the film Alien?

3: What was God called in THX1138?

4: In Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock which ship was supposed to have trans-warp capability?

5: Who did Sarah Connor try to kill to change the future in Terminator 2?

6: Which English actor provided the voice for the imperious leader in Battlestar Galactica, and for which famous British TV role is he better known?

7: What cargo did Dennis Hopper's character have stolen from him in Space Truckers?

8: Which actor links Buckaroo Banzai, The Adams family, and Back to the Future?

9: Who wrote the novel Starship troopers?

10: Which company bought the Quatermass stories to TV, and which company made them into films?

11: Who is described as International Rescues London agent?

12: Which Doctor Who first appeared in the series as a Gallfraian guard?

13: What number did Bill and Ted think of?

14: In Predator what did Blain not have time to do?

15: What is Robocop's second prime directive?

16: What did Avon do after killing Blake in the last episode of Blakes 7?

17: From which film is the following dislogue from "I'll be back!" "Only in a re-run!"?

18: In Red Dwarf what is Arnold J Rimmer's middle name?

19: What did Slartibardfast win an award for?

20: In Star Wars what was the name of the droid that had a faulty motivator?

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