Lords of Darkness Horror Quiz

So just how well do you know your horror movies? Now is the time to find out. Listed below are 20 questions of varying difficulty all concerned with horror films. Some are VERY difficult, but if you are a true anorak of horror you'll be just fine.

Stick to the roads, keep off the moors and Beware the moon.

Shall we begin

1: Who wrote and directed "A Nightmare on Elm Street"?

2: What is the name of the pub that Jack and David visit whilst backpacking over the moors in "An American Werewolf in London"?

3: What is the name of the little girl played by Heather O'Rourke in the "Poltergeist" movies?

4: What is the setting for most of "The Day of the Dead"?

5: Who wrote the novel from which "Psycho" is based?

6: What is the name of the Anti-Christ in the "Omen" movies?

7: What town is the setting for "The Blair Witch Project"?

8: What is the name of the evil entity which created in the curse video of the "Ringu" movies?

9: What 1985 British Horror movie featured vampires discovered inside of a comet?

10: Who provided the maniacal voice of Chucky in the "Childs Play" movies?

11: In the film "Fright Night" what was the name of Charley Brewsters vampire neighbour?

12: What is the name of the puzzle box from the "Hellraiser" movies?

13: Strother Martin turns what Hollywood "hunk" into a king cobra in "Sssssss" (1973)?

14: Who originally played Norman Bates in "Psycho"?

15: What is the original subtitle of "Nosferatu"?

16: Who wrote the haunting theme music for "The Exorcist" and what is it called?

17: In which of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies does Johnny Depp appear?

18: Who played the role of Larry Talbot in "The Wolf Man" (1941)?

19: What is William Katt's occupation in the "House" movie?

20: Who played Father Delaney in "The Amityville Horror"?

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