Klassic Kids TV Quiz

Please excuse the British slant on this but its what I know, so let's see what you know about the kids programs from yesteryear.

1: What was the number on Dick Dasterly's car in Wacky Races?

2: What did Paddington Bear keep under his hat, just is case of emergencies?

3: Who is there a statue of in the Blue Peter Garden?

4: What was the currency on the planet Arg in the Adventure game?

5: Name the Banana Splits?

6: Who was the junior special agent with the ability to tap into an expert's knowledge using a special pair of glasses?

7: What did Johnny Ball ask you to do after Think of a Number?

8: What types of animal where Ermintrude, Brian and Dillon in the Magic Roundabout?

9: Where did Yogi Bear live?

10: Name the following characters?

11: If you saw Brian Cant, Floella Benjamin, Derek Griffiths, or Chloe Webb what show would you have been watching?

12: Up above the streets and houses what can every one see smiling over the sky?

13: Who was close friends get to call him TC?

14: Name the Trumpton firemen?

15: Who used to explain How, then went on years later to explain How 2?

16: Name the boy who had a magic torch, and what was his dog called?

17: Who was Tony Hart's caretaker?

18: They were pink, talked in po-po noises, and lived in the moon who were they?

19: Which presenter helmed Newsround from 1972 to 1989 (in fact his name used to be part of the shows title)?

20: Noel Edmunds, Keith Chegwin and Maggie Philbin presented which Saturday morning show?

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