General Knowledge Quiz

And now for something completely different, our first non cult quiz. Ok so we had fun with this at our party over christmas so give it a try. If you want to use it for a party of your own we have included a number of fun things to do for bonus points (text in yellow).

Sorry it a bit British based, but hey that's where we are from.

There are a number of rounds so either crack on or skip to a round.

Round 1 - Back to School
Round 2 - Pop goes Bad
Round 3 - Advert Break
Round 4 - Know it all
Round 5 - Square Eyes
Round 6 - Child's Play

Round 1 - Back to School

Brrring! Now settle down class. This round will check you have done your homework.

1: How long is the coastline of Luxembourg?

2: In chemistry which is worth more 1 kilo of the chemical element Au or 1 kilo of the element Pb?

3: Translate the franch "Mon Dieu c'est un grand concombre"?

4: What country has the longest coastline?

5: Who invented the flush toilet?

6: What was Sherlock Holme's address?

7: In Shakespeare's play if Bottom was an ass what was Titania?

8: Based on scientific evidence approximately how many cave men were eaten by dinosaurs?

9: In physics what happened to Schroedinger's Cat?

10: Mathamatically are you more likely win the jackpot of the UK National Lottery or to be hit by lightening?

Round 2 - Pop goes Bad

You know that album you bought in a moment of madness and now hide for fear of ridicule? Well now it can help you score some points.

For fun award extra points for sining the songs!

1: Who had a hit with Never gonna give you up?

2: What was Sabrina's only 10 ten hit?

3: What is the subtitle of the hit single Cheeky song?

4: It spawned the line-dancing craze, but who sang achy breaky heart?

5: What was Black Lace's biggest hit?

6: Lets get ready to rumble was a smash for PJ and Duncan but who are this famous duo and where did they get these names?

7: Who was the one and only?

8: Who had a hit with the Euro pop classic Saturday Night?

9: Baltimora had a hit with what?

10: Who had a hit with the Funky Gibbon?

Round 3 - Advert Break

Time for adverts, no don't go and put the kettle on just yet. This round will test your knowledge of some of the most popular program wreakers.

1: What product did a bloke stripping in a laundrette advertise?

2: It's the real thing but what is it?

3: Fords may be driven by you, but who wrote and performed the song?

4: What was naughty but nice?

5: Which product made a monkey out tea drinkers?

6: Which sport star loves Walkers crisps?

7: Which cars were described in German as "Vorsprung durch technik"?

8: Which annoying adverts feature Howard the singing bank manager?

9: Rowan Atkinson played an incompetent spy in which ads?

10: What would you eat off the captain's table?

11: Mockney pillock Jamie Oliver advertises what?

12: What kills all known germs dead?

13: Which adverts caused a stir for their dubiously oral eating of a chocolate bar?

14: Which adverts had a shadowy figure breaking into houses to deliver a box of chocolates?

15: What do you have to do in order to "put the freshness back"?

Round 4 - Know it all

Tenshun! Ol right you horrible lot this is General Knowledge.

1: What was the name of the world's first nuclear powered submarine? Was it nautilus, conqueror or enterprise?

2: What species is a Cocchafer? Is it a type of dog, a bird or a beetle?

3: On which hand did Anne Bollin have six fingers?

4: What is the only animal (not man) man structure that is visible from space?

5: In which century did the dodo become extinct 16, 17, 18, 19th?

6: What is a kipper?

7: What was the name of jeweller known for his jewel encrusted Easter eggs?

8: Who said "I'm going out I may be some time"?

9: Which two planets are next to Uranus?

10: What is the total if you add up the dots on each face of a dice?

Round 5 - Square Eyes

That's Entertainment.

1: What have Angel Holby City and Deep space nine got in common?

2: Name the four kids in South Park?

3: Where is Sex in the City set?

4: Name two of stars of Tiswas?

5: Who is the head of the Dingle clan in Emmerdale?

6: Which Australian housewife megastar appeared in Ally Macbeal?

7: Which show is about three sisters who are witches?

8: What kids show did Mark fowler appear in before Eastenders and what was his character called?

9: Give the full names of the Friends characters?

10: Name the first three winners of UK big brother?

11: What is Harry Potter's favourite sport?

12: Who is Frodos uncle?

13: Name the two characters in the following:
"Your powers are weak old man."
"Darth If you strike me down I will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine."

14: Name any of the voice talent in Shrek?

15: What film is this from?
"Do you expect me to talk?"
"No Mr Bond I expect you to die!"

Round 6 - Child's Play

Hello Billy, Hello Johnny. Hello everybody. It's time for some questions.

1: What was Penry the mild mannered janitor better known as?
Can you perform the intro to this cartoon?

2: Who lived in a pink windmill?
Impersonate Rod Hull's Parkinson interview.

3: Who owned the shop in which Bagpuss lived?
Sing like the mice in the mouse organ?

4: Who were the three Rainbow dancers?
Can you sing the theme?

5: If I were watching Tommy Pickles, Chucky and Angelica what would I be watching?
May the sound that is played when the episode title is announced?

6: It's time play the music, its time to light the lights. What are we on?
Do an impression of any character?

7: Who were robots in disguise?
Name the good and bad guys?

8: If Yuffie lifted a finger what was there?
Do an impression of one of the characters?

9: Whose sidekick was Spotty Alien?
Name his arch nemesis?

10: In which show would I find Timothy Claypole and Miss Popoff and dobin a pantomime horse?
Sing the theme, or the theme to Ghostbusters.

11: Who drove around in the mystery mobile?
Say one of the gang's catchphrases?

12: How many Thunderbird vehicles were there?
Walk like a Thunderbird puppet?

13: Who was the white mouse with an eye patch?
Who provided the voices for both him and his side kick?

14: Who always makes an avent crown for Christmas?
Name this series famous catchphrase.

15: Who had a caretaker called Mr Bennett.
Hum the theme to the gallery?

Ok so that is a total of seventy five points, with another possible 25 bonus points.
Want to know how you scored click on the answer button below.

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