Cult Quiz 3

Back by popular demand, it's Quiz time.

To hard for some, but are you up to the challenge, well are you?

Go on punk make my day.


1: Which director is responsible for Total Recall and Robocop, and in which country was he born?

2: What is the link between Charlton Heston, Mark Wahlberg, Helena Bonham Carter and Roddy McDowall?

3: What relationship was there between Luke Skywalker to Ben Kenobi?

4: In Star Trek which earth man discovered warp travel and who accompanied him on his first voyage?

5: In the Tomb Raider movie which member of the Red Dwarf crew plays her butler?

6: Which movie had the tagline "In space no one can hear you scream"?

7: Who is the sworn enemy of the Phantom?

8: In Gladiator, what were the names of Maximus' 2 horses?

9: If I was talking to Trinty, Cypher, Morpheous, and Neo where would I be?

10: In Back To The Future, which famous scientist was Dr. Browns dog named after?


1: On which spaceship would you Captain Dylan Hunt, and what other series would you find the actor who plays Hunt?

2: Whose preferred mode of transport for a trandem (three seater bike) and name them?

3: In which series would you find the characters Stiletto, Nero and Colonel K?

4: If you were to say "Open channel D" who would you be talking to, and what would you be talking into?

5: Which actor played a regular character in both Babylon 5, and the classic Sci-Fi show Lost in Space?

6: Robert Patrick plays which character in the X Files, and who did he play in Terminator 2?

7: In the A-Team, who played "Face", and what was his characters real name?

8: In which series have Charlton Heston, Jean Claude Van Damme, Isabella Rossellini, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts have all made guest appearances?

9: Before taking command of Babylon 5, what was the name of Captain John Sheridan's Earth Force ship?

10: Who was Stringfellow Hawks partner in Airwolf, and who played him?

Had Enough, time to reveal all.

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